Done with football, done with Arsenal, done with Arsene

I am done with football.

My relationship with the game is dead.

My relationship with Arsenal is strained.

My relationship with Arsene Wenger is over.

I have tried to remain loyal. Tried to work through the problems. Tried look on the bright side, find that silver lining. I have naively thoughts things would improve. Clung on to great memories of the past. Even some good memories of the recent past. But like many a relationship, it is time to call it a day.

I am drained, emotionally and physically. There are only so many beatings I can take. Only so many times I can get knocked down and get back up again. I need to walk away. Get a fresh start. Learn to love again.

Football is something I fell out of a love with a long time ago. The way fans are treated by all clubs, no matter if you are Chelsea at the top of the league or Leyton Orient at the bottom is nothing short of a disgrace.

Clubs simply do not care about regular match day fans. And the authorities, the Premier League, the FA, the Football League, care even less than the clubs.

The commercialisation of the game, the globalisation of it, has ruined it for match day fans. The clubs concern is no longer the well being of the thousands that go through the gates every season, and have done for years, but their extended reach. For a decade now they have cared about income, cared about attracting more foreign fans, than cared about their most loyal fans who would stay with the club no matter the situation.

Fans who go week in week out are trodden on by all clubs as they chase the dollar, yen or riyal. Clubs would rather 60,000 different people turn up to each game, all spending £100 a ticket, going into the club shop, spending many more hundreds, than 45,000 season ticket holders, who go in and out, have a grumble, don’t spend much at the ground, but are happy(ish) to pay their £1,000+.

Ticket prices are not just an Arsenal thing, but a football things. Leyton Orient, the leagues lowers club, currently charge £20 – £39. How is that right? And they are a club that are currently being ruined.

The FA have a fit and proper person test. I would love to know what it actually is as the likes of Leyton Orient have been badly let down. As the clubs chase foreign investment, it seems both them and the football league do not care how shady this money is, or even if it exists. Coventry, Leeds, Leyton Orient, Portsmouth, and more. The list of clubs with dodgy owners gets longer every year.

Add in the TV companies, changing times not matter if fans can get too / from games all for prime time viewing. Add rail companies and airlines hiking up prices as soon as a game is announced. It all leads to a feeling of not being loved. Everyone is out to make their buck. Their slice of the pay. And we as fans are the mugs. We are the ones no one cares about. Yet we are the ones who travel up and down the country week in, week out.

I have not enjoyed football for some time, but what dragged me back was my love for Arsenal. And now that is dwindling.

I moved house early in the year and it has meant that I have been unable to go to as many games in 2017 as I would have liked. It is damning that I have not actually missed football.

2 weekends ago, when Arsenal were playing Manchester City, I did not even watch the game on TV. I was busy in my garden, in the sunshine, painting a fence. I only realised the game was in with about 10 minutes to go.

The fact is, when I have not been at football, I have not missed it.

A few years ago, I made an attempt to go to every Premier League game. I ended up one short. I planed holidays around football. I sacked off family gatherings for Arsenal. My life was about football.

The year before that, I was up at 2am in Thailand watching games. I would not dream of missing a game, whether it be at the ground or on TV. I would get itchy if I was close to missing a game. And if I did miss one, I would spend the entire time refreshing my phone, annoyed that I had missed a game.

But things have now changed. I no longer care. Arsenal do not care about me. Why should I care about Arsenal? I am merely a number. A body through the door. I am not even a bum on the seat, as if I do not take my seat, the club has already got my money.

Arsenal Football Club is rotten from the top down. We have owners and a board who seem happy sitting round their oak table smoking cigars unable to actually make a decision. We have management, coaches, players, all of whom see the club as an employee. A way to become millionaires. They do not care.

We have fans who I can not relate too. And it is not just the selfie holding foreign fans who I can not stand. It is the majority of our fan base. What ever happened to going to a game, having a pint, enjoying time with your mates.

Every is now vying for their bit of attention. Waving to the camera. Trying to be front and centre. Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame, even if it embarrasses themselves, their family, their children, their club, their fellow Arsenal fans in doing so. Everyone wants to be a celebrity.

No club has fans like Arsenal Football Club. More interested self publicity. Making a quick buck off the club whilst slagging it off. It is all just embarrassing. This isn’t Arsenal.

I always thought I was a fan who stuck with the side through thick and thin. Would stay to the end, no matter what the result. The first time I walked out on a game was the 3-0 defeat to Everton in 2014. I went as the 3rd went on. I have now walked out of the last 3 away games.

At Liverpool it was a couple of minutes before the end. I could not bare listen to the Scousers sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. WBA I went at 3-1. I was surprised when I got back to the pub that a couple of my mates were already in there.

Last night I went at 2-0. I just did not want to be there anymore. I wanted to go home. It was a Monday night. I had a 90 minute train journey to look forward too. I just wanted out of their, I did not like the toxic atmosphere. The toxic performance.

I do feel like a fraud. I should be there through thick and thin. But if the players and management do not care for Arsenal, why should I care for them?

Then we have Arsene Wenger himself.

Those that know me will know I have wanted him going for a few years now. Whilst I will not shout abuse, wish death on him, or undermine his legendary status at the club, I have quietly wanted him gone whilst keeping an unbiased view point with no agenda. I have attempted to be level headed.

The man has now lost it. His selfishness shows no bounds. He sits smugly stating he “knows the future” when it comes to his contract, yet will not tell anyone. He thinks he can do no wrong. He is turning into a Scouser, it is never his fault.

His arrogance, his selfishness, his stubbornness, it is all becoming sickening. It is getting to a point where he is ruining his own legacy.

Whilst remove Wenger from his position as manager will not change the club overnight, he is one of many rotten apples, it would be a start. He should have resigned last night.

He claims to have dignity, class, but if he did he would fall on his own sword. Admit things are not good enough, and leave now. Sadly, he has £8million reasons not to leave. Why would you throw away £16million+ over the next two years if there is no pressure from above to do so?

Wenger has always presented himself as a gentleman of the game. He is now an old man who screams at his long suffering wife to get him a cup of tea, despite him being right next to the kettle.

It is never nice seeing a grand parent slowly losing their marbles, becoming a horrible person, as you have to love them no matter what. As their mind go’s downhill land they become more abusive, you still have to love them. But you will just start visiting them less. Stay for shorter periods. You turn up out of duty rather than love. That is what it feels like with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

There are only 2 games left this season I have interest in. Spurs away and the FA Cup semi final. I doubt I will go to any other game this season.

The sad thing is in a month it will be season ticket renewal time. I will renew my home season ticket. I will renew my away season ticker. And I will go again. I will return home, to a one sided relationship where VI know I ma going to get abused. But there is still love in the heart. And it is that love that will keep me going through the bad times.

I am, like many others like me, a mug.


11 thoughts on “Done with football, done with Arsenal, done with Arsene

  1. Stanley simons

    Absolute brilliant post ,you speak for almost all of the arsenal supporters.enough is really enough!!!. Having been a supporter/ season ticket holder for sixty years.I am sick of this dreadful football we have to watch each week.they need to start with sacking the board and Wenger must leave to save this great club. We are now a laughing stock throughout the premiership.change or go under!!!!!!

  2. Richard Gray

    Well said, straight from the heart!
    I like you have been a fan of the club for many years, To watch Walcott say that they knew from the start that Palace wanted it more than our team did, is nothing short of total abdication. It just showed that the players are there for the money & nothing else. Then, to add insult to injury, Wenger appears & has the audacity to say that his situation is not affecting the players!!! Any human being can see that the opposite is the truth, the man is in total denial. The club needs new direction, how that happens, I dont know, especially with Kronke being the stubborn man that he appears to be. Who in their right mind would want to come to Arsenal, knowing that the board have turned down a reported £100m rights issue from one of their shareholders to fund team investment? We were all taken by the promise from Gazidis when we moved into the Emirates that investment in the team will not be affected & It will give us the opportunity to compete with the more richer clubs in Europe for the best players. How empty does that sound now?
    Until the start of the season, my wife & I who met & even married at The Emirates worked as stewards. At the end of last season, we complained about the way we were being treated & got moved from positions of seniority to the car park in the bowels of the stadium, so we called it a day. Luckily enough we had red memberships that came up & we spent the ££££ on two season tickets. We were not the only ones that felt aggrieved by the way we had been treated. To our knowledge they have lost in this season alone, the equivalent of well over 500+ man YEARS experience of working at the club, making friends with fans & enjoying match days, The majority of stewards when I started were Arsenal fans, they knew what a fan wanted from a match day because they had been there seen it, done it. Now that majority is being slowly ostracized so they feel that the only course is to pack it in. Its all about buzzwords & the like, not about our history & those that made it or that were there.

    The friendly club that was “The Arsenal” is no longer. Its a cash cow for the board, the management & the players who do not care what the man on the street thinks.

  3. Chris

    That describes exactly how I feel. Football is no longer what it was or meant. I’m
    Sick of games getting changed for the benefit of TV with no consideration for the fans and their family’s. Which is why I decided just before Christmas to not renew my season ticket for next season. I will save myself the money, spend it on my family, on holidays, and watch games for free at home.

    Had enough of everything in and around football. Money Money Money

    1. Stuart L

      Chris, I gave up my season ticket years ago and last season even gave up my membership. Please let the club know why you have no interest in renewing. Like Keano, I have found better uses for my time, enjoying the simple things in life and leaving the greed of the premier league behind.

  4. Stanley simons

    Reading the last two posts,you are both so right.your comments brilliantly spoken.the supporters are just a noise at a game and ,as you put it mean nothing.I am sure,like me ,you are passionate for our club to be successful.but money is what it is all about.gate money,like in the passed had a bearing on the club not any more!!!!. Diabolical investment in poor mediocre players for huge fees is a joke. I would sooner see eleven youngsters on the pitch that will run themselves silly,like the players out on loan. This currant team are embaracing!!!!!!!

  5. Norsgeneral

    Been a supporter since 68, but stopped going around 10 years ago, because of the greed in the ticket prices and charges for just being on a waiting list. Started taking my young son then, to Stevenage in the conference. I’ve had 10 years of proper football again, watching promotions, a relegation, but getting really enthused again about experiencing that Saturday buzz. We travel the country now watching them in League Two, turning up with no hassle, having a beer and banter with the opposition fans and I have to say, it has given me my footaballing perspective back. My love for the game is repaired.

    I always get the nerves if the Gunners are playing on the same day as a Boro match and always want to know their score. I’ve even been to around six matches this season at the Emirates, to keep you hat in the ring, but it feels so different from the old days. And nothing like my league two Saturday experience.

    My suggestion to anyone feeling like they cannot go anymore, drop down the leagues and experience the proper old school buzz of a match. You will not be disappointed. The players give you 100% every game, genuinely interact with the fans. You don’t spend an arm and a leg to go to a match. And its still 22 v22 with a leather ball. Leave all these pampered millionaire managers and players to themselves, they really are not worth it.

  6. Ross

    I’ve never heard so much rubbish from a so called football fan. Real fans support their team through the good times and the bad. It’s not always about glory. Think of the lesser teams who never win anything. Their fans never walk away. Arsenal are better off without fans like you.

  7. Stanley simons

    Hear hear!!!!!.once a gooner always a gooner my blood runs red and white like Charlie George!!!!!


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