Brief rant about ex-Arsenal players and coaching

I would love Dennis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars to be involved at Arsenal, but they are at Ajax, their boyhood club, doing their thing

Patrick Vieira should be at Arsenal, but he choose to be a highly paid youth coach at Manchester City. 
Tony Adams really should be where Steve Bould is. Assistant manager. Heir apparent. But he has time and again shown himself as a poor coach. And recently turned down a job at Arsenal to work in China (for a lot of money)

I wish Thierry Henry was still coaching the youngsters, but he wanted to do a full time job part time so that it didn’t affect his Sky role (and the millions they pay him)

Ian Wright, Ray Parlour, Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Martin Keown. All decided a warm studio is better than being on a training ground at 7am

Kanu would be a brilliant role model and mentor for young African players, but his time is taken up with his charity

Sol Campbell can’t decide whether he wants to be a football coach, London mayor, president of American or inter galactic space warrior. He claims he doesn’t get these jobs because he is black. The reality is he is unqualified
I would love our ex-players to be involved at Arsenal. But the fact is you can not force people to coach at the club if they do not want too. 

Of course, some will sit and blame Wenger. Claim that they were not allowed to coach players how they wished, or take up the role they wanted. This is merely just damaging hearsay to suit an anti-Arsene agenda. 

The reality is they all chose a different career path once retiring from football. The door was open to most of them to come to Arsenal, do their badges and work their way up – just like Steve Bould has done. But they chose other vocations. Some took the easy way out. Others followed the money. Others plying their trade elsewhere. 

The door is open. They have just chosen not to walk through. 

(Apologies for any mistakes, I wrote the above whilst waiting for my Chinese to be cooked)


4 thoughts on “Brief rant about ex-Arsenal players and coaching

  1. gunnerbear

    What exactly has Bould achieved by being Wenger’s Silent Sidekick…it’s obvious SBs got no power or influence…

    …why would Henry et. al. come into AFC when the coaching is set by AW and nothing is allowed to deviate from his dogma….a dogma that is now dated and past it….as clubs move further and further past us…

  2. Chris

    Disagree that Henry choose sky over a full time role at Arsenal. It hardly a full time role and the fact that Wenger does punditry in France etc was a bit hypocritical of him. Plus for me a part time Henry is better than no henry what’s so ever.

    1. keenosafc Post author

      How can you disagree on a fact? Henry wanted to coach the youths part time. It is a full time job. He didn’t want to give up the Sky gig.

      Lets paint a scenario, Arsenal U18s are playing on a Wednesday night. Henry is the manager, but he is no-where to be seen as it is Manchester City v Stoke and he is in the Sky studio…

      And Wenger does his punditry in the off-season


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