Thoughts on Tony Adams

Some thoughts on Tony Adams:

  • Tony Adams is an Arsenal legend. He is Mr Arsenal
  • Adams was good for Arsene Wenger when the Frenchman came to the club
  • Wenger was good for Adams
  • As a team, they got the best out of each other and the team
  • Tony Adams is not a very good pundit
  • Tony Adams is a failed coach
  • Arsene Wenger has done a poor job managing the club in the last decade
  • Wenger surrounds himself by yes men when it comes to his coaches
  • Adams would not have added anything to the coaching set up
  • You do not have to be a Michelin chef to know when your steak is well done, not medium rare
  • But just because you know your steak is not cooked right, it does not mean you should be in the kitchen helping the chef
  • Arsenal fans who abuse Tony Adams need to know their place
  • Adams has a book to sell. The Sun bought the rights
  • They will use the juicy bits – Pick out a single line of a 5,000 word book and build a story around it
  • Stories about Wenger is newsworthy, it gets the hits
  • Today’s back page will generate a lot for The Sun in advertising revenue
  • It will also generate more interest in Tony Adams’ book, increasing sales
  • Tony Adams (alongside Frank McLintock) is Arsenal’s greatest ever captain. Have some god damn respect

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tony Adams

  1. Shimon

    Sorry for butting in on an Arsenal website but I find the insults generally thrown in Arsene Wenger’s direction offensive. He has won you more trophies than anyone else bar Manchester United in the last 20 years. He may be passed his sell by date but he does not deserve ridicule. To compare him to Kevin Keegan is ridiculous. Although I agree he has not adapted to the modern era.

    Regards from N17.


  2. Mz Rubble

    AW has always been tactically weak, you can count on one hand the number of times in 20 years when he has spotted an issue and changed the team to do something about it to positive effect. This is why managers like Sam Allardyce have always managed to run rings round him.

    The reason AFC won the league before under AW was almost entirely down to the individuals in the team, when we had a glut of genuinely world class players : Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Vieira, Petit, Overmars plus the remnants of the famous 5 at the back. In 20 years he has failed to build a defence worth the name, nor has he found a proper keeper (Cech aside).

    The number of trophies is not commensurate with the financial position of the club, and before you talk about oligarchs, Arsenal have had among the highest wage bills in all that time, caused at one time by having 50 first team squad members, all on min 50k/wk 50% of whom never played a minute for the team. Utter incompetence.

    Arsenal could and should have won the league several times in recent years, being well positioned at Christmas, only for AW to refuse to strengthen the squad in areas the world and his dog knew was thin and ultimately the price was paid, they collapsed Jan – Feb.

    You’re right he’s past his sell by date, but this isn’t a recent occurrence, it’s been that way since 2004. In that period, Liverpool have appeared in the top 3 only once less than Arsenal, they have changed managers god knows how many times, why? Because it’s not good enough. Do you think Liverpool should be achieving more then Arsenal based on revenue? No, exactly, case closed.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      And btw, Arsenal have finished above Liverpool 6 times in the last 9 seasons.

      So not only have Arsenal won more trophies 9real achievements, not made up achievements to suit an agenda) they have also, on average, finishing higher 66% of them time. Don’t worry about replying again.


  3. Mz Rubble

    Er no, winning the league is important. The point you are missing, so I’ll spell it out for you, is that Liverpool have had about the same amount of success as Arsenal since 2004 but have patently felt that is not an acceptable return on investment, Arsenal on the other hand accept the mediocrity and fail year after year to hold it’s manager to account.



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