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Tony Adams on Strictly – Voting is OPEN

It’s half time in the Wolves game, and voting has opened on Strictly.

We are all either buzzing as we are ahead and set to lead the league going into the World Cup.

Or we are frustrated as it’s a draw; or angry as we are heading to defeat.

But whatever your mindset, and no matter if you are in the ground, in a pub or sitting on your sofa, take 2 minutes to give Mr Arsenal your 3 votes.

So how do you vote?

Firstly, make sure you are registered on the BBC Website (if you are already registered, just sign in and head over to the Strictly homepage).

You only need to register once and you will stay signed in on the device you registered with unless you choose to sign out.

Once you are signed-in, head over to the Strictly homepage.

When the vote is open, it will appear at the top of the Strictly homepage. If you can’t see it, try refreshing the page.

To cast your votes, select Tony & Katya, click the ‘plus (+)’ icon next to their name so that a ‘3’ appears in the box between the ‘plus (+)’ and ‘minus (-)’ buttons.

Finally, click ‘Submit 3 Votes’ at the bottom and you would have now voted for Adams 3 times.

So lets get voting. And turn Adams from 100/1 outsides to 2022 Strictly Champion!



Set the Alarms – Tony Needs You

This weekend will be the toughest for Tony Adams to get through.

It has nothing to do with us being into the business end of Strictly Come Dancing, or that Tony was rough round the ages last week.

The main reason is that The Arsenal play at 7:45 tonight.

That means many of us will be in the ground, in a pub, or our thoughts elsewhere occupied. But we must not forget to vote for Tony!

At least with a 7:45 kick off, we have the vote at half-time.

By the time we have 2-3 minutes injury time, that half time whistle will blow at around 20:33 – just as voting opens. So no one really has an excuse.

But so you don’t forget, set an alarm!

We have ours set to 20:25 to enable us to post a blog and send reminders out across Twitter and Facebook.

Make sure as that whistle goes for half-time, you share the message in your WhatsApp groups and across social media.

Tony Adams continues to upset the apple cart. The Strictly faithful are crying. They are calling for him to stand down.

But he is a winner. And whilst we stand with him, he will remain in the competition.

So remember tonight, vote Tony!

Oh, also, Arsenal have a game today against Wolves. For a pre-match preview, read another blog!


Freddie Ljungberg – Heir Apparent?

As reported by the brilliant Jeorge Bird over on his Arsenal Youth blog Freddie Ljungberg has been coaching senior training sessions alongside Unai Emery in the international break.

Over the years, there has been plenty of moaning and bitching that Arsenal do not have enough former players still around the club as coaches. There was a time it felt like some fans wanted Arsene Wenger’s coaching staff to contain about 30 ex-players.

The rise of Freddie Ljungberg highlights just what an ex-player can achieve if they have the desire, motivation and ability to become a top coach.

Ljungberg rejoined Arsenal in an ambassadorial role in 2013. 3 years later it was confirmed that he would be joining Arsenal’s Academy coaching Arsenal’s Under-15s.

He was starting in a lowly position overseeing the U15s. He did not expect to walk straight in as a first team coach, or overseeing the U21s. He did not complain, he did not have an enflated ego, he just got on with things.

After the appointment of Andries Jonker as the new manager for VfL Wolfsburg in early 2017, it was announced that Ljungberg would be leaving The Arsenal to join him as his assistant.

After  the departure of coaches in May 2018 following the departure of Arsene it was announced that Ljungberg would return as the U23 coach. Overseeing the side in the Premier League 2 development league.

Under Ljungberg, the U23’s – actually made up of mainly U19’s – have been in impressive form. Currently on a 6 game unbeaten run. They sit 2nd in the league.

Ljungberg has worked his way up from the bottom and is potentially putting himself in prime position to succeed Unai Emery.

Patrick Vieira, Tony Adams and Thierry Henry are the 3 most high profile former players that many fans said should still be at the club. All 3 had the opportunity to do what Ljungberg did, but all chose a different path.

Upon retirement, Vieira took up an extremely well paid job as Manchester City’s Football Development Executive. It was basically a job with no real role. He was basically a glorified club ambassador for which he was paid handsomely for – much more than he would get as a junior coach at Arsenal.

In simple terms, Vieira still had a year left on his contract when he retired, and Man City honoured that last year by giving him the highly paid meaningless job. It was only a couple of years later he went down the coaching route.

Arsenal never really offered him work at the club. He was playing for Manchester City when he retired, and took up his new role with the club the day he called it quits. He stayed at City, rather than seek employment elsewhere, for the money.

Then we have Thierry Henry.

He was offered the U18 managers job, but only wanted to do it part time so that it did not interfere with his Sky punditry work.

You can not really be a part-time manager at youth level.

The U18’s tend to play at weekends. Was Henry really proposing that he would coach players during the week, and then on game-day would be sitting in the Sky studio watching Stoke v Burnley instead of being on the touchline?

It was never going to work.

Tony Adams was always an odd one. He has been offered numerous coaching roles at Arsenal but has always turned them down. My feeling is he looks down at the junior roles. He wants a senior role, with the first team, or nothing.

The problem is his coaching career to date has shown him to be an average coach at best. Is he really good enough to expect to just walk straight into a senior role? Why does he think coaching the U18’s (a job he turned down) was below him?

Vieira, Henry and Adams all had their own reasons not to be working at Arsenal. If they wanted to, they could have all been part of the coaching set up, but it was their decision to not take a job.

Arsenal should not bow down to their demands, whether it is financially, job roles of flexi-time, just because they are legends.

Ljungberg is doing things the right way. Taking small steps up the ladder. He certainly has a bright future ahead.