Set the Alarms – Tony Needs You

This weekend will be the toughest for Tony Adams to get through.

It has nothing to do with us being into the business end of Strictly Come Dancing, or that Tony was rough round the ages last week.

The main reason is that The Arsenal play at 7:45 tonight.

That means many of us will be in the ground, in a pub, or our thoughts elsewhere occupied. But we must not forget to vote for Tony!

At least with a 7:45 kick off, we have the vote at half-time.

By the time we have 2-3 minutes injury time, that half time whistle will blow at around 20:33 – just as voting opens. So no one really has an excuse.

But so you don’t forget, set an alarm!

We have ours set to 20:25 to enable us to post a blog and send reminders out across Twitter and Facebook.

Make sure as that whistle goes for half-time, you share the message in your WhatsApp groups and across social media.

Tony Adams continues to upset the apple cart. The Strictly faithful are crying. They are calling for him to stand down.

But he is a winner. And whilst we stand with him, he will remain in the competition.

So remember tonight, vote Tony!

Oh, also, Arsenal have a game today against Wolves. For a pre-match preview, read another blog!



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