Arsenal star “best in the league”

Tuesday saw another 2 goals for Alexis Sanchez.

He had an awful game. One of those where nothing went right for him. When he has games like this his attitude is detrimental to the team.

When most players are having a bad game, they go into hiding. Never call for the ball. Are always marked. Sanchez does the opposite. He demands the ball. Try’s to play out of it.

Whilst this is admirable, that he does not go missing, it also creates a problem. Such is his influence on the side, when he demands the ball he often gets it, even when not in a good position to receive it. Then out of form, he takes a heavy touch, or try’s too much, plays a poor pass, fails to play a pass, then blames it all on a team mate.

Whether it is the passer who passed the ball to him or the receiver who his pass did not reach, it is always their fault. It is never Alexis’ poor first touch or poor pass to blame. He berates his team mate. Often Hector Bellerin.

It does remind me a lot of Thierry Henry. Demanding the ball even when he was not in a position to receive it, trying to win the game on his own when things were not going well. Alexis Sanchez’s desire is also his greatest weakness’.

Despite the poor game, he still popped up with two goals. The sign of a truly great player, is having a stinker but win the games. In the 90’s, how often did Ian Wright do nothing in a game, but Arsenal won 1-0 thanks to an Ian Wright goal?

That 2 goals leaves Sanchez just one behind Romelu Lukaku in the race for the golden boot, and moves him ahead of Harry Kane. With Arsenal set to face Everton this weekend, it will be a shoot out for the golden boot.

With Sanchez also having 10 assists to his name – Lukaku and Kane both have 6 – Sanchez only needs to be level to take the honour.

If Sanchez finishes with the golden boot, it highlights further just how stupid football players are as Sanchez was not named in the PFA Team of the Year.

Up front were Kane and Lukaku. You can justify that as at the time they had out scored Alexis Sanchez. But it does bring in the stupidity of the PFA award nominations having to be submitted in March.

Perhaps more shocking is on the wings. Eden Hazard was picked on one side and Sadio Mane the other side.

Alexis Sanchez has been vastly superior to both Hazard and Mane. How Mane especially has got in ahead of Sanchez is nothing short of disgraceful and shows how people are influenced by the “Liverpool love in” with the press – media outlets are reporting their great season, but they are just 1 point ahead of crisis hit Arsenal.

Even on Alexis Sanchez’s bad days, and Sunderland was one of the bad days, he is still better than Sadio Mane.

I am glad Sanchez is at Arsenal. He is one of the top players in the world. Even if his fellow professionals do not rate him as one of the best players in the Premier League.

We need to move heaven and earth to keep him.


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