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Kasper Dolberg, Alexis Sanchez Agent & Henry Onyekuru

Kasper Dolberg

Danish teenager is a talented youngster. One to watch in tonight’s game.

There is talk that he could be the next Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That he was taken to Ajax but the same man that engineered the moved of Christian Eriksen from Denmark to Ajax. But he could also be the next Nicklas Bendtner.

His presence, and a few other Ajax youngsters who look promising, will at least make tonight’s game against Manchester United interesting.

Where is Alexis Sanchez’s agent?

The answer is in Munich. And depending on how you want to tell the story depends on what story you tell.

The British media have, as expected, gone with the Alexis Sanchez agent in Munich with the story going on with how he is in discussions with Bayern Munich over a move for Alexis Sanchez.

The reality is Sanchez’s agent is Fernando Felicevich. Felicevich is also the agent of Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, who is a Bayern Munich player.

Now I might not be the smartest guy in the world, but I would suggest that Felicevich is in Munich to discuss with Bayern about his client who currently plays for them. Especially taking into consideration Vidal’s contract expires in 2019, and Bayern have just lost Xabi Alonso. He will be knocking on the door at Bayern asking for more money for his client.

Overpriced Youngsters

I have spoken briefly before about how crazy prices are for potential and this has been highlighted once more by Real Madrid paying £38million on a 16 year old. It is stupid money.

Last week I had a debate in a Whatsapp group over our South American scouting. A friend demanded to know why we never uncover young talents from South America. I pointed out that every top player who has come to Europe, Arsenal have known about, but for whatever reason have not signed.

South Americans coming to Europe fall into handful of categories for me;

Need a work permits: It is not easy to get a work permit for the UK, in comparison to other EU countries. When you look at the migration patterns of those from the two strongest South American counties – Argentina and Brazil – their youngsters tend to end up in two countries.

Argentinean’s end up in Italy – as many have Italian heritage – whilst Brazilians end up in Portugal, and then move to Spain.

Very few teenager unknowns with no caps at international level end up in the UK.

Now Arsenal could do what they did with Carlos Vela and Joel Campbell, buy in the player than loan them out to a country until they get a work permit, but in memory, this has never worked for any club in the Premier League, not just Arsenal.

So the uncapped unknowns do not join Arsenal simply because they do not get the work permit

Expensive imports: Players like Gabriel Jesus and Neymar are talented players. These are players who would not have needed a work permit. Already capped by Brazil, they would get a UK visa based on their special talent. But then they both cost a lot of money.

Gabriel Jesus cost Manchester City £27m. The transfer of Neymar from Santos to Barcelona was revealed to have cost the Spaniards £71.5 million.

Whilst Neymar has ended up the top player and justified his fee, so many other South American’s end up failing. Gabriel Jesus has shown some ability for Manchester City, but after 10 games, it is impossible to already call him a success. He could end up the next Neymar, or could easily end up the next Pato.

From South America, and mainly Brazil, you are paying a lot of money for potential, and so often those players do no live up to their big price tags. Vinícius Júnior certainly falls into the expensive imports category. £38m for a player who can not legally join for another 2 years…

Third party ownership: Another reason why South Americans do not tend to end up in England in the early stages of their career is due to the 3rd party ownership of many youngsters in Brazil.

So many players are owner partly by the club, and partly by other parties. Whether this be hedge funds, agents, or the players own parents. This leaves a lot of people to negotiate with, and pushes the prices up.

In places like Portugal, where 3rd party ownership is ignored, clubs need only buy out the selling clubs portion, transfers are a lot easier to do.

When Neymar joined Barcelona, his parents received a €40 million from the deal. It has ended up in a long running tax fraud case both in Spain and Brazil. Very messy. You can see why clubs often avoid these deals.

Arsenal do have a scouting network in Brazil and South America, but it is such a hard market to find potential that is not overpriced and can get a work permit. £38m for a 16 year old…

A reported target for Arsenal is 19 year old Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru. He is this years Belgium top scorer. The price reported to be £6.8m.

Whilst clubs around Europe look at 18 year old Kylian Mbappe for £80+m and Brazilian wonder kids with high prices and dodgy agents, there are plenty of other, equally talented youngsters around the world who have just yet to break through, yet to become a name, and it is those we need to target.

If you are moaning about the link with Onyekuru, you probably would have moaned if last season Arsenal spent ~£10m on a 17 year old Mbappe who had scored just 1 goal for Monaco. Roll on a year and the Frenchman is the hottest property in Europe.

You can not moan that we do not uncover youngsters, then when we move for one, moan that we are buying unknown youngsters.

Personally I would rather we stayed away from the unproven South Americans, the over-priced over hyped Europeans, and use our scouting network to find the gems.

Have a good day guys, stay safe



Arsenal star “best in the league”

Tuesday saw another 2 goals for Alexis Sanchez.

He had an awful game. One of those where nothing went right for him. When he has games like this his attitude is detrimental to the team.

When most players are having a bad game, they go into hiding. Never call for the ball. Are always marked. Sanchez does the opposite. He demands the ball. Try’s to play out of it.

Whilst this is admirable, that he does not go missing, it also creates a problem. Such is his influence on the side, when he demands the ball he often gets it, even when not in a good position to receive it. Then out of form, he takes a heavy touch, or try’s too much, plays a poor pass, fails to play a pass, then blames it all on a team mate.

Whether it is the passer who passed the ball to him or the receiver who his pass did not reach, it is always their fault. It is never Alexis’ poor first touch or poor pass to blame. He berates his team mate. Often Hector Bellerin.

It does remind me a lot of Thierry Henry. Demanding the ball even when he was not in a position to receive it, trying to win the game on his own when things were not going well. Alexis Sanchez’s desire is also his greatest weakness’.

Despite the poor game, he still popped up with two goals. The sign of a truly great player, is having a stinker but win the games. In the 90’s, how often did Ian Wright do nothing in a game, but Arsenal won 1-0 thanks to an Ian Wright goal?

That 2 goals leaves Sanchez just one behind Romelu Lukaku in the race for the golden boot, and moves him ahead of Harry Kane. With Arsenal set to face Everton this weekend, it will be a shoot out for the golden boot.

With Sanchez also having 10 assists to his name – Lukaku and Kane both have 6 – Sanchez only needs to be level to take the honour.

If Sanchez finishes with the golden boot, it highlights further just how stupid football players are as Sanchez was not named in the PFA Team of the Year.

Up front were Kane and Lukaku. You can justify that as at the time they had out scored Alexis Sanchez. But it does bring in the stupidity of the PFA award nominations having to be submitted in March.

Perhaps more shocking is on the wings. Eden Hazard was picked on one side and Sadio Mane the other side.

Alexis Sanchez has been vastly superior to both Hazard and Mane. How Mane especially has got in ahead of Sanchez is nothing short of disgraceful and shows how people are influenced by the “Liverpool love in” with the press – media outlets are reporting their great season, but they are just 1 point ahead of crisis hit Arsenal.

Even on Alexis Sanchez’s bad days, and Sunderland was one of the bad days, he is still better than Sadio Mane.

I am glad Sanchez is at Arsenal. He is one of the top players in the world. Even if his fellow professionals do not rate him as one of the best players in the Premier League.

We need to move heaven and earth to keep him.


Sead Kolašinac Signing, Alexis Sanchez Staying, Rob Holding & Stupid Stoke Fans

Sead Kolašinac Signing

It looks like a deal has now been done for Sead Kolašinac according to reports in Germany.
Reports are he has already passed a medical and a 5 year deal has been signed.

Once the deal is announced, people will begin working out how he will fit into the team.

If we return to 4 at the back next season, he will be left back. If we go to 3 at the back, I would not surprised if he plays on the left hand side of the 3.

At 6ft and left footed, he could be a natural fit on that left hand side of the defence – arguably our weakest side and one where we do not currently have a natural fit.

Of course, some will be moaning that we have just signed a player on a free transfer. That Wenger is doing it on the cheap again. Remember what I said above about Holding? Ignore the price, look at the player.

Kolašinac is on the 3 man short list for the Bundesliga team of the season. Those who watch German football regularly have him as a shoe in at left back for the team of the season.

So Arsenal are signing the best left back in the Bundesliga for free. Great business.

Alexis Sanchez Staying

If you need any signs that Alexis Sanchez wants to stay at Arsenal, watch his celebration after his goal against Stoke City.

Clearly showing he loves Arsenal hitting the badge, then indicating he wants to stay here.

Either he is planning to renew his contract, or wants to play for Stoke City next year.

Good news for Arsenal.

Rob Holding

I have spoken before about over hyping a player after just a handful of games. The memory of Calum Chambers demise in still a recent one.

Rob Holding is a player.

Saturday he showed he has it all to become a top centre back. He was aggressive in the challenge, both on the floor and areal. Clearly happy to put in a hard challenge as Marko Arnautović.

This type of controlled aggression is something we have missed for a decade plus. When was the last time an opponent went home in a sling after a challenge from one of our players?

Not only is Holding a hard defender, but he can also pass and play.

He was calm in possession, and showed a little drop of the shoulder here and there to create space for him.

If his recent performances were done by a certain Manchester City player who cost a hell of a lot of money, the press would be going mad. But as he cost just £1m from Bolton, his performances are going under the radar.

Wenger was right earlier in the season when he apologised that Rob Holding did not cost £45m. It shows it is not about the cost of a player but about his ability.

And Rob Holding clearly has the ability.

I also look forward to Chambers returning next season. In the current formation, he is ideally suited to play on the right side of a back 3.


Stupid Stoke City Fans

“We want you to stay, we want you to stay, Arsene Wenger, we won’t you to stay”. 

Odd bunch the Stoke fans are. From booing Aaron Ramsey to mocking a manager who has won more than their entire club to shagging their own sisters, they really are an inbred bunch of imbeciles.

On Saturday they sang about wanting Arsene Wenger to stay at Arsenal. This season they have lost 3-1 & 4-1 to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal team.

For all the media luvies painting Stoke as Arsenal’s boogie team, Stoke’s recent record against The Gunners reads:

P 5 W 0 D 1 L 4 F 2 A 12

So no wins in their last 5 games. And just 2 wins in 12 games.

Infact, since 2005, Stoke have beaten Arsenal just 5 times in 20 games. Great record guys.
Maybe I am actually misreading the chants. What they actually want is for Wenger to say in Stoke and manager them.

Mark Hughes is set to return Stoke’s lowest points total since their return to the Premier League and the team is sleep walking to their worst league position since coming up. With just 1 win in 10, they are finishing the season in relegation form. That is always a bad sign for next season.

Rather than mock Arsene Wenger, maybe they should look closer to home. It is not as rosy as Mark Hughes’ PR team makes out.