Why did Alexis Sanchez really leave Arsenal?

I am already fed up of the narrative. The one that people are putting around to defend him and attack Arsenal. That Alexis Sanchez has left Arsenal to win trophies.

No he has not, he has left Arsenal and joined the team who would pay him the most.

We can never be 100% certain about the motives behind someone leaving, but lets look at some facts.

Fact 1. Arsenal were winning trophies. 3 FA Cups in the last 4 years. In the League Cup semi-final and the next round of the Europa League. Had Sanchez been motivated to win trophies, he would have stayed at Arsenal.

This is not a Robin van Persie situation, who justifiable left with a single FA Cup winners medal to show for 8 years at Arsenal – an 86th minute appearance from the bench.

In the 3 full seasons Sanchez was at the club, he has won trophies in 2 of them. So it is a lie that he left Arsenal “because they were not winning thing”. Now winning big trophies is another story.

Fact 2. Manchester United are 12 points off the top. They are not going to win the league this season. They are no closer to winning it than Arsenal were in 2015/16 when we finished 10 points behind Leicester.

In fact, Sanchez has joined a Manchester United side who have no even finished above Arsenal since Sir Alex Ferguson left.

All this talk of Manchester United being in better shape to win the league than Arsenal. This season will make it once in 5 years that the Red Devils have finished higher in the league. It is a load of rubbish.

Fact 3. Manchester City wanted Alexis Sanchez. And if Alexis Sanchez had have been motivated by trophies, he would have joined them.

City will win the league. They are in the final of the League Cup (although Sanchez would be cup tied), are still in the FA Cup, and are amongst the favourites to win the Champions League.

Had Sanchez wanted to win “major” trophies in England, the move was clear and obvious, join Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

They pulled out on the deal due to being unable to meet his wage demands.

Fact 4. In the summer, Bayern Munich openly courted him. Alexis Sanchez wage demands priced him out of a move. Reports in the summer were that he was demanding £420,000 to join the German Champions.

Now think of everything people are saying was key in Sanchez joining Manchester United.

Win trophies – Bayern have won the last 5 Bundesliga titles, they will make it 6/6 this season

Compete in Europe – In the last 8 years, Bayern have won the Champion League, 2 runners up, 3 semi finals and a quarter final. They are one of the most consistently competitive in the competition.

Historic Club – Like Manchester United, Bayern Munich are one of the historical big clubs in Europe.

So what reason does Alexis Sanchez have for not pushing to join Munich in the summer? They tick all his “supposed” boxes and are in desperate need of an attacking winger. Why did he not join?

The reality is, and only the agenda driven will disagree, Sanchez did not leave Arsenal because we were not winning things (we were). He did not leave the club because of the board, or because of Arsene Wenger. He did not leave the club because Thierry Henry told him too – a lie that Henry has since exposed.

Over the next 4 and a half years (a long contract for a 29 year old), Sanchez will earn around £100,000,000 in wages.

Manchester United are reportedly paying him a £20m signing-on fee, and an agents’ fee worth more than £10m.

That is £130m in the pocket of Sanchez and his agent.

That is what motivates him. That is why he has left Arsenal. For money and nothing else.

Sanchez is no different to every other money motivated footballer in the world. No different.


PS: This will be my last blog about the greedy man. Support the players that play for The Arsenal, not those who leave,


5 thoughts on “Why did Alexis Sanchez really leave Arsenal?

  1. solex

    wonderful article, sanchez went there for the buck, suddenly he has become a world class player. too much sentiments out there. when he was with Arsenal he was a good player, but he is now world class.


  2. Sacha Richards

    Excellent article that exposes the truth about the Chilean. It also exposes all that is wrong with the beautiful game. Good riddance to him, our beloved Arsenal will survive and thrive, whilst he will cause disruption and jealousies at Utd.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Agree. The game is dead. Money now rules more than ever. Fighting against it is pointless. Do we just accept it? Or do we hope that the game eats itself sooner rather than later?


      1. wayne g

        Wow i agree the game is dead,that goes for our board and club as well though S we aren’t any better at least you can see where man utds money is going,Sanchez was world class for us his ability and probably more importantly his work ethic was different class to any other player,yes he upset other players by highlighting their failings on the pitch sadly at most clubs the manager would do this,i wish him well.


  3. Charles Charlie Charles

    Sanchez is a professional in a game where 99% of professionals just about scrape a living before having to find something else to fall back on. He’s at the top of his game, in 5 years, he won’t be.

    Of course he will try and maximise his lifetimes earnings whilst he can. He’s either got a gift or he’s grafted hard to get where he is, so he is going to make the most of it.

    You have to hand it to him, he was a bloody good employee whilst he was on the Arsenal firm. Grafted hard, got stuck in, turned some matches which really mattered.

    You can’t blame Sanchez for massive transfer fees and high wages. You can’t blame the club. Football has become popular, people are prepared to pay big money to watch it live or on telly.
    Global companies are prepared to pay big money for their names on shirts, hoardings and stadiums.

    In a world where a white mini skirted Essex girl can get rich by being on a telly programme about stupid people from Essex, why are people complaining about one of the worlds great football talents earning the same money as a Wall Street banking executive for a few years?



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