Too little, too late for The Arsenal

7 wins in the last 8 games mean that Arsenal are the Premier League form team. But it is simply too little, too late.

The best we can hope for on Sunday is that Liverpool slip up at home to Middlesbrough (they won’t) and that Arsenal sneak into that last top 4 place. But even if we do that, this seasons league campaign would have still simply been not good enough.

Unlike Spurs, Top 4 is not our everything. A club Arsenal’s size should be challenging for titles. Last season we finished 2nd, and it looked like we had shown progression. But this was false hope.

We actually have more points this season then we did last season. This shows that our finish of 2nd last year was not due to ourselves performing well, but more due to others around us not performing well.

Arsenal have stood still over the last 3 seasons when it comes to points totals:

2014/15 – 75 points
2015/16 – 71
2016/17 – 72-75

Our best league finish of a decade actually saw us with our least points total over the last 3 years.

Arsenal’s staleness actually go’s beyond the last 3 years.

2007/08 was the year we should have won the league. We were leading for much of the season. We ended up 3rd. It was the year of Eduardo’s injury. It was also the last time we breached 80 points (83 to be exact). Since then, we have been average, stood still, not progressed.

2008/09 – 72 points
2009/10 – 75
2010/11 – 68
2011/12 – 70
2012/13 – 73
2013/14 – 79
2014/15 – 75
2015/16 – 71
2016/17 – 72-75

We have averaged 73 points a season over the last 9 years. Every season has been the same. Promises of a big transfer window. A winter of dropped points. A rally at the end of the season to make 4th.

It is no surprise that yesterday so many fans stayed away.

Whilst there are hardly any positives to take out of our season, we can still finish the season on a high with the FA Cup Final now just 10 days away.

The 7 wins from 8 games might be meaningless when it comes to the league, but make it 8 from 9 and we should be going into the final high in confidence with momentum. And that it what is important.

Win the FA Cup, and we have had a better season than Spurs, Manchester City and Liverpool.

A unsuccessful league campaign does not mean we can not have a successful season.


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