The abuse of Arsenal legends

Over recent weeks, we have heard a lot coming from ex-players of the clubs. These ex-players are not just your average players trying to make a name for themselves (Robson) or bitter ex-players with an agenda, but bonafide legends.

Most recently, it has been Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and Tony Adams. Whether it is by tweet, by newspaper column or by interview. They have all had their say this week.

Firstly Keown had this to say on Twitter about pictures in the dressing room:

Next up was Tony Adams, who in written media for Inside Futbol discussed the reason why Arsenal have not yet won the league:

“He has got a great offensive unit, but I think he is neglecting the defensive side and I think that’s where the problem lies. If they strengthen that area I think they could go and win the league, but I think that’s the error of the team.”

And finally, we have Lee Dixon, who tweeted his opinion on the Jamie Vardy dive:

All 3 had their view on topical subjects regarding Arsenal. And all 3 created a huge debate with their comments.

Now before I go into things too much, I understand how the media works. There is often a difference between what someone says and what the media then report them to say. Things are changed to get hits. Headline’s added for controversy.

Tony Adams is a perfect example. Read the full quotes in the Express. Then look at the headline:


At no point has Adams slammed Wenger or blames him for no trophies. He just offers a view that Wenger favours attack over defence. And that many sides, not just Arsenal neglect the defensive side of the game.

Clearly the headline writer got a bit creative.

Twitter is a different story, as is radio interviews. It is the players actually view. No twist, no media spin, just their honest view (in most cases – some do tweet for attention).

What shocked me was the amount of arguments all 3 created.

Debate is good. Debate is healthy. But arguments are not. And it led to some fans throwing abuse at 3 Arsenal greats.

But you get the other side as well, who act as if everything an Arsenal legend has to say is golden. That it is fact.

Neither of these sides are correct.

A legend of the club should not be abused. Often they gave decades of service, albeit well paid, to entertaining the fans. Many of them have won everything there is to be won. Have some respect.

On the flip side, just because they played 500+ games and have medals in their pocket, does not mean their opinion is correct, or valid.

Having previously played the game does not mean your view is gospel. That it is more important than a fans. You only have to watch MOTD for that. Or listen to Thierry Henry speak.

Thierry Henry is a perfect example in fact. An Arsenal legend, but an awful pundit.

We should not support his punditry, or his view, just because he used to play for us. But likewise, the fact he is a legend means he should not get the abuse that we often give to eachother.

Should club legends talk about the club? YES. Does them being a legend add weight to what they say? YES. Are we allowed to disagree with said club legend? YES. Should the club legend be disgracefully attacked for their view? NO.

Have some respect, even if you disagree.



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