10 things to have happened since Arsenal lost in the FA Cup

1231) Wigan won their first FA Cup, and got relegated, twice

2) Jose Mourinho rejoined Chelsea, won the league, got sacked

3) Abou Diaby played 16 minutes of football against Norwich

4) Alex Ferguson left Manchester United, replaced by David Moyes, who was replaced by Ryan Giggs, who was replaced by Louis van Gaal

5) England failed to win a game at the 2014 World Cup Finals, then won every game in the 2016 Euro Qualifiers

6) Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil. And Alexis Sanchez. And Petr Cech

7) Mathieu Flamini rejoined Arsenal. Scored a goal v Spurs. And another

8) Spurs won nothing

9) Andy Murray became the first Brit to win Wimbledon for 77 years

10) Arsenal won the FA Cup. Twice

Bonus: Arsenal knocked out Hull in the FA Cup. Twice




2 thoughts on “10 things to have happened since Arsenal lost in the FA Cup

  1. Wolfgang

    Since rf left,MU have struggled. Is it a coincidence?I believe he left because he knew his winning days were over.Why leave when you are winning.Its a kind of drug . He knew it was getting harder to replicate his success.
    Assuming he is recalled as caretaker boss,the re is no guarantee MU will start winning and win the epl every or every other year.
    The football landscape has changed.Unlike his days ,the epl will be competed by more than five teams which good for the game.Btw the days when MU can beat teams 9-0 are over .
    I bet even if he were to manage the team against Sunderland,he will lose.


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