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The FA Cup is not enough

We always talk about greed in football. Greed of owners. Greed of managers. Greed of players. Greed of agents. What we rarely talk about is the greed of fans.

When it comes to the greed of fans, we are not talking about money, they get paid none, we are talking about success. You see it up and down the leagues, fans getting on players, on managements back, demanding more. Demanding more, often, then there place at the football table perhaps deserves.

We all want more, want more than what we have.

Two years ago, we craved a trophy. It had been 9 years without one. We wanted anything. It did not matter. Even the League Cup would have satisfied our taste for success. And we won the FA Cup. How we all celebrated.Untitled

The year after, we repeated the feet. 12 FA Cups made us the most successful team in the tournament. Back to back FA Cups. The first team to do it since Arsenal ourselves did it in 2002 & 2003.

And here we sit, in 2016, about to play Hull in the grand old competition. Win and we are through to a Quarter Final against Watford. Just a handful of games away from winning 3 FA Cup’s in a row. Unprecedented in the modern game. A team has not achieved this since Blackburn Rovers won 3 in a row between 1884 & 1886. Wanders the only other side to have achieved this.

And yet, for Arsenal fans, a 3rd FA Cup victory in a row seems to not be enough.

The goal posts have moved. 2 years ago today, we would have bitten your hand if offered to win the FA Cup in 2014. The other hand would have been bitten off had at the same time the offer been for back to back FA Cups. Imagine what we would have bitten off in 2014 and the offer had been a chance to win 3 in a row…

So why have things changed so much? Why is the FA Cup no longer enough for many Arsenal fans? Why would winning a historic 3rd in a row still leave fans unsatisfied? Why would fans still call for the head of Arsene Wenger if we do complete a treble of cup wins?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is greed. We all want more.

It is the natural inclination of many a human being to want more. It is why we drive ourselves at work to gain promotions. It is why countries go to war to increase their land or natural resources. It is why people cheat on their wife. Very rarely are human beings satisfied with what they have.

This greed, this desire for more. It leads to disloyalty in the workplace. It leads to divorces. It leads to wars.

And football fans in general, and at the moment Arsenal fans en masse desire more. Desire more than a 3rd FA Cup in a row. They are unsatisfied.

Of course, there is a lot more in the melting pot of frustration than an individual’s greed.

Had Arsenal not bought just 1 player in the summer, 2 outfield players in 3 transfer windows, and not had £150m in the bank, we would perhaps be more satisfied.

Were we top of the league, on for the Double, the FA Cup would excite us due to what was to be won alongside it.

Or were it Manchester United and Manchester City, whom have both spent £200m+ in the last 2 years, being 3rd and on course to win an FA Cup would satisfy fans a bit more than what it is now.

It is perhaps this financial and physical position that we are currently in that leaves fans unsatisfied with the possibility of a 3rd FA Cup on the trot.

What is for sure, for Arsenal fans, and rightly so THE FA CUP IS NOT ENOUGH.


10 things to have happened since Arsenal lost in the FA Cup

1231) Wigan won their first FA Cup, and got relegated, twice

2) Jose Mourinho rejoined Chelsea, won the league, got sacked

3) Abou Diaby played 16 minutes of football against Norwich

4) Alex Ferguson left Manchester United, replaced by David Moyes, who was replaced by Ryan Giggs, who was replaced by Louis van Gaal

5) England failed to win a game at the 2014 World Cup Finals, then won every game in the 2016 Euro Qualifiers

6) Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil. And Alexis Sanchez. And Petr Cech

7) Mathieu Flamini rejoined Arsenal. Scored a goal v Spurs. And another

8) Spurs won nothing

9) Andy Murray became the first Brit to win Wimbledon for 77 years

10) Arsenal won the FA Cup. Twice

Bonus: Arsenal knocked out Hull in the FA Cup. Twice