Should the top sides fear Everton’s spending?

Over £90m spent and the transfer window has not even been open a week. Everton have done some business. Some very expensive business. But should the top sides like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal fear them?

Whilst smaller sides might look at them in jealousy – they have outspent the likes of Liverpool, Spurs, WBA & Manchester City – is their big spending really anything to scare anyone?

Jordan Pickford is a very good young goal keeper. But at around £30m he is a massive signing. The second most expensive keeper of all time.

I would love Pickford at Arsenal. As 2nd choice keeper. This is a man who got relegated. Bottom of the league. 20th. He is not even one of the top 3 English goal keepers. Would he get into any top side? Probably not. Everton is his level.

Then you have Micheal Keane. A centre back. Released by Man U. Everton have also spent £30m on him. He ain’t no Rob Holding. Ain’t no Calum Chambers.

Being Burnley’s best centre back is like being Burnley’s fittest bird. It means nothing. A town full or rotters. £30m on Michael Keane? You’re having a laugh.

I have no idea if this is Keane, Klassen, Pickford or Sandro. Probably not Onyekuru though.

Davy Klassen is next up. Got a lot of goals and assists in Holland did Davy. Another £25m spent. But is he any better than James McCarthy or Gareth Barry? Probably not.

The Dutch league is unpredictable. Just ask Middlesbrough and Alfonso Alves. More recently look at Jordy Claise at Southampton. He can barely complete 90 minutes for the South-Coast club.

Henry Onyekuru is the type of bloke that sent every club in English football an Email about his uncle being worth billions and if you click this link you will get 10%.

Everton clicked the link and ended up spending £6.8m, whilst Onyekuru will be no where to be seen. Talk about a 419 scam.

Sandro Ramirez, in fairness, is a good value signing. But people are comparing him to Kylian Mbappe? Give it a rest. The last young Spanish striker to join the Premier League was Xisco. He is still trawling Geordie night clubs asking lasses to let him see their thong. He is 31.

Whilst Everton’s early moves to spend near enough £100m, it has to be remembered that Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkely are going to leave the club. And none of those joining are anywhere near as good as the outgoing duo.

And now I read they might get the over weight granny-shagger on a free transfer.

Nothing really to see at Everton except for a lot money spent on a lot of tripe.


6 thoughts on “Should the top sides fear Everton’s spending?

  1. blueey5seae5u5y

    A very bias negative opinionated post, you could get a job for the daily mail or sun mate, if arsenal had managed to buy any of these players I’m sure you would have very different opinions, we will see how things work out once the season starts, our transfer business is not finished yet as well!

  2. James

    Utter crap this from an armchair journalist who knows nothing. Lets wait until were a few games in before comments are made.

  3. Kev

    Sounds very bitter! Why don’t worry about your club and keep your nose out of ours, sad I’ll informed man.

  4. Johnno

    I dont fear an Everton resurgence, I welcome it. Always had a soft spot for the Toffees and I hope they have a good season. It makes me laugh when plastic clubs like Chelsea and Citeh claim to be part of the elite and you have mickey mouse clubs like the Yids saying the same. You could take all 3 of them, add them together and you still wouldnt have a club with as much history and tradition as Everton. There are only 3 clubs in this country bigger than them and we are one of them. As for their transfer business, time will tell whether it works out but the owners are making a statement and when Lukaku leaves I`m sure we can expect to see more good players playing in the Royal Blue jersey next season. As I say, good luck to them, their fans deserve a change in fortune.

  5. gunnerbear

    Perhaps it has slipped the author’s mind how a team of ‘never-wozza’s’ charged to the Premiership and made us look like mugs as our Manager froze and could do nothing.

    Football teams are a strange blend of skill and the alchemy that is ‘team spirit’ – I wouldn’t be writing EFC off just yet.


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