Questions to Answer after Chaotic Koln

I’m trying not to be a complete hypocrite here and I’m sure I’m not the only one whose ever been in wrong end/wrong seat/bought off a tout/jibbed etc, so half of me is thinking well done Koln fans…but tonight was a shitstorm which could’ve ended much worse than just an hour delay, which prevented many fans from staying the whole game….

  • Why did the police decide to escort so many Koln fans to the ground ?
  • Why were the police and stewards totally clueless once they arrived and when they were inside the ground ?
  • Were proper searches done on all fans entering ground ?
  • Why and how did the club manage to sell Koln fans so many tickets in the home end ?
  • Why did the club fail to enforce their own rules on away fans in home seats ?
  • Why did a steward once questioned say “leave if you don’t like it” ? …very professional that one !

The club/stewards/police need to have a proper think over last night, they got it so so wrong on all levels.

The warning signs where there and there early…

The Koln fans have been buying tickets off our ticket exchange on memberships in their own names.

The Koln fans were bragging of travelling in numbers. Local banks had run out of pound notes. The police would’ve been aware of how many had entered the UK.

The Koln fans spent all afternoon marching around London in big numbers, blocking up roads

10,000 (est) pitched up on Highbury field’s hours before the game Yet when they arrive at the ground an hour before kick off there is no plan to deal with them whatsoever.

If this was us at an away it would be a lot, lot different.

Firstly the local plod would do there best to either split us into smaller groups earlier in the day or contain everyone, probably also give us a few digs.

They’d get us to the ground then funnel us in one at a time searching us, checking tickets and sometimes photo ID. Any disorder and they would get the tear gas out and start wacking people. Our club would then be in fear of a fine or points docked.

But last night wasn’t totally about fans disorder.

I’m sure loads did jib in/let in to prevent trouble outside, it was simply about how easy our club made it for Koln fans to get tickets in home seats, they could’ve easy gave them 20,000 tickets in the 1st place and prevented all that happened.

The concern for the future is that it has happened once, it will happen again. Koln have shown that if you turn up on mass, Arsenal and the police will buckle. What will now happen when the mad Serb’s turn up? Or the jibbing Scousers?

Arsenal got lucky last night that the total chaos did not turn into much more than a few Koln fans getting a couple of slaps. It could have been a lot, lot worse.



3 thoughts on “Questions to Answer after Chaotic Koln

  1. Stanley simons

    As season ticket holders long term my daughter and I returned home after making the thirty mile journey to the ground as we always be confronted by the stewards telling us about the delay,we decided to go home.this is a total disgrace,who is to blame??.how come the German supporters got in to the home end.we were scared ,that we might have had a kiln supporter in our seats.this takes me back to the seventies,when supporters were uncontrollable.hope this will not happen again!!!!.arsenal act now!!!!!

  2. John Raymond

    Question of my own – what kind of arsehole thinks touts are loveable Del Boys? Touts on the Seven Sisters Road at midday, before spitting up to Holloway Tube and near The Rocket. “Police” noticeable by their absence, probably all attending some Inclusivity function.

    Also, I feel that these foreign “Ultras” are having their last day in the sun. They know full well our hooligans have banning orders and that they can swagger around as they wish until finally something is done, the more of them there are the “braver” they become – funny that?

  3. Johnno

    Good on the Cologne supporters. Possibly the biggest away support ive ever seen over The Arsenal, on the whole they were well behaved in my opinion. Rangers have always been my 2nd team but I might start looking out for Cologne`s results as well now.


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