FC Koln fans – bunch of dull twats

So apprantley there are 20,000 FC Koln fans march through London. Waving their flags and half and half scarves. Having a sing song and jumping up and down. 

In an hour they will be in the Emirates. Because that is what German fans do. Get to the ground ridiculously early. 

Borussia Dortmund did it yesterday. Into Wembley to play Spurs 2 hours before kick off. 

The media praised how great they were. That getting to the ground so early showed their loyalty to the team. 

The reality is it shows they are dull twats. 

Get yourselves in a boozer lads. Get a load of beer down your neck and have a sing song. Bit of a snif. That’s what travelling abroad for your club is all about. Not getting into the ground 2 hours before kick off. 

Bet you have towels down already on your seats for you…

Boring twats. 


3 thoughts on “FC Koln fans – bunch of dull twats

  1. John Raymond

    I’ve been waiting for someone to say this. Our media glorify “Ultras” as being more colourful than ourselves. The truth is that if we tried to organise marches we would be cracked down on immediately. European fans recognise this ans so they swagger around as if they have made a “conquest”, mollycoddled by our supine “Police Force” all the way (they never arrest aggressive ringleaders).
    I also disagree with Arsenal Clown TV who think we should copy Borussia Dortmund’s fans, there is such a thing as being “over-organised ” you know. Two of the BD fans face their Yellow Wall for the whole of the game, giving instructions on their megaphones as to what to sing or chant. Just how soulless/dull-minded is that? A totally choreographed affair from start to finish.
    Give me a dull afternoon at Ashburton Grove anytime. ( which will get better in time
    Incidentally, the so-called great Crystal Palace support comes from a tie-up with a Greek Club that is where all the synchronised swimming comes from.

  2. John Raymond

    Thanks for being such a monosyllabic dullard, it illustrates the point of the blog perfectly. Don’t expect another response to your puerile “thoughts” – I feel the urge to yawn. I wonder WHATEVER it could be?


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