More Arsenal fixtures moved

More important than yesterdays news about Stan Kroenke was the release of the TV fixtures for October & November.

Last season, Arsenal fans were royally screwed when it came to fixtures being moved for TV, with just 3 Saturday 3pm games.

Travelling fans had it worse, with just 3 games scheduled on Saturday, non of which were at 3pm.

Now I understand we were in the Europa League which meant 12 Thursday games, resulting in 12 Sunday games.

A sensible person would say Arsenal are already playing on a Sunday that weekend, so lets have that game on TV, then when they are not playing on a Thursday, let them have a 3pm kick off. Sadly the TV companies are not football fans.

And the trend continues this season as Arsenal’s October and November fixtures read:

Sunday Noon
Monday 20:00
Sunday 13:30
Saturday 17:30
Sunday TBC
Sunday 13:30

We play Leicester at home on a Monday night, live on Sky, despite us not having a Europa League game the Thursday before. Bournemouth away is also moved to a Sunday 13:30 kick off, no Europa League football that Thursday either.

With the Tottenham and Manchester United fixtures at the beginning of December certain to be moved for TV, it will mean just 3 of Arsenal’s first 15 games would be on at 3pm Saturday.

Newcastle away on September 15th will be Arsenal’s first Saturday 3pm away league fixture since January 17th 2017.

As Brighton on Boxing Day and Liverpool on December 29th are also likely to be moved, Arsenal would have had 2 away games at 3pm on a Saturday in 2 years.

It is now surprise that over the last two years us away fans have become a little bit jaded


1 thought on “More Arsenal fixtures moved

  1. gunnerbear

    I hate to be picky….but those AFCers – non London & near by – who have STs, who travel to the Emirates…are in effect having to treat every home game as an away game.,,, 🙂 Some of the ‘Northern outposts’ of the Premiership might be a bit closer than the Emirates for those fans…. 🙂



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