Tonight it’s Cardiff with no defenders….

Hello, Keeons has buggered off for a while in order to sit in the sun whilst a few fellas try to hit each other with a tiny red ball, so Im going to try and put a few thoughts down…But dont worry it will carry on with the high standard of typos and grammar errors…

Tonight it’s Cardiff, who due to recent circumstances will be handing out badgepins to Arsenal fans and will have a big banner in the ground, I hope they are taken in the spirit of what they’re given.

Leno should be back between the sticks tonight. I never liked Cech, he was a season past his prime when he came to us and his decision to retire is ok with me, I hope he’s not needed again this season.

Our defence is royally screwed, I can’t remember a time ever when we have had so many defenders out injured. Kos should be back soon, its only a bruised jaw, some say, but trust me that bloody hurts ! The Big Greek fella is out for 4-6 weeks too. Which leaves us with Mustafi and Monreal who hasnt played since himself being injured.

My guess is the back 4 tonight will look like Monreal, Mustafi, Xhaka, AMN. We will need 3 goals to win this game and Attack will be the best form of defence tonight.

Midifield 3 should be Torrira, Sideshow bob  (who i bloody love btw) and Ramsey. Toniht’s game is perfect for Ramsey, he always puts on a show Vs the Welsh teams.

Upfront I can see no change Iwobi, Auba and Laca. They will need to be a bit more clinical than of late, Cardiff will want to keep things as tight as they can for as long as they can. An early goal and hopefully it will be a comfy night and a much needed 3 points.

Onto Emery, Im a big fan of not only how hes trying to change things on the pitch, how he jumps up and down on the sidelines, but also how honest hes being to us the fans. He is a winner and will prove so at ours.

We all knew what a huge rebuilding job Emery had on his hands (cheers Wenger and Ivan!) and not having a settled back 4 or 5 has really cost him since the unbeaten run stuttered to a halt. There is going to be a huge turnover of players starting this summer and fingers crossed they can bring in the 2 players hes after this month. Give him time, he will get it right.

Enjoy if you are going  tonight, wrap up its gonig to be a cold one !

Up The Arsenal


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