Europa Final Preview – Fuck UEFA

First things first I have the upmost respect to everyone whose travelled at great expense to Baku. Some will be taking a week away from family and work to get there and back.

I know people travelling via Riga, Kiev, Tibilsi and Dubai. Some have spent even more money to get there quicker. All in all it has been a complete shitstorm, this is the final that will be remembered more for UEFA making the stupid decision to stage it in Baku than the game itself. Hopefully a half empty stadium will teach them a lesson.

We have covered the reasons why Baku is so so unsuitable on prevoius blogs, but adding to that the some local hotal owners have been cancelling travelling fans accommodation. Some with 24 hours notice and some when people have turned up to check in. Pure greed and as low as ticket touts in my eyes.

Now the club, the main sponser (a bloody airline) and the official travel partner (the soon to be skint Thomas Cook) have also failed to cover themselfs in any glory. The club have failed to get fans there, have failed to provide anywhere in Islington to watch the game and IF we do win the trophy parade will be when most of our brave travelling fans are still scattered all over easten Europe. I do however feel for the everyday staff at the club who have been doing there very best, but with the top brass seemly not very interested in helping fans they didn’t have much to work with.

Thmoas cook have even delayed an official flight with under 24 hours notice, meaning the fans on ther flights not only have to suffer a booze free flight but they wont have much time to grab a few beers before the game.  As for Emarites, do they even know we are playing in a final (?)

As for the game itself, well we haven’t had much luck in Europe in our history, but this final has the added edge that winning it will put us in the Champions League next season. with Chelsea already in next years Champions League this gives us a huge advantage. Our players will be on huge bonuses and wage increases if we win, Chelsea players already have those bonuses in the bag and lets face facts nothing says more to players these days than the money.

Cech is likely to be starting between the sticks,in his last game before he takes up a directors role at Chelsea, now if I say that’s the most stupid decision by Emery this season I’m hoping to be proven wrong.

A back 3 of Papa, Kos and Mustafi is expected with Kola and AMN playing as wing backs.

Torrieira and Xhaka should play as the 2 centre midfielders with Ozil given a free role ahead of them. We need those 3 to know when to break forwards when Lacca and Auba, who will be on fire, split the Chelsea Centre backs, hopefully one of the midfielders has been watching videos of Ramsey who we will miss loads.

Anyways, Hope everyone reading this either in Baku or on your way has a great day and is the usual loud and proud. Hope everyone else gets out of work early and has a great night.






1 thought on “Europa Final Preview – Fuck UEFA

  1. Matt Hill

    Great post mate, and I feel alot of sympathy for both the Chelsea and Arsenal fans for the struggle to get to a European final. It should be a celebratory event but it doesn’t feel like it with everything that’s happened! I wrote a little bit about how corporate greed is killing the game: As an Arsenal fan – what was your take on the calls to boycott the game? I can’t blame any fans for wanting to support their team by going to watch it live.



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