F*** Off Mourinho

I do not get it, I really don’t.

People on Twitter saying they would like to see Jose Mourinho as Arsenal manager. They are idiots. Every single one of them.

There are many reasons why Arsenal should not touch Mourinho with a barge poll.

No longer a winner

Mourinho was untouchable when it came to success in the 00s.

From his remarkable Champions League win with Porto, back to back titles with Chelsea before repeating the feat with Inter Milan, but since overseeing the treble with Inter Milan in 2010, his crown has certainly slipped.

Since 2010, he has overseen just 2 league titles in 9 seasons, managing Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Gone are the days when bringing in Mourinho almost guaranteed you the title.

Only do it with money

At Chelsea, he managed a team that spent money like no other in the history of the game. Inter Milan was a similar situation as he took over the Italian club in the wake of the 2006 Calciopoli scandal that saw the likes of Juventus and AC Milan take a while to recover from.

Real Madrid are the biggest club in world football and not too far behind them are Manchester United.

At Porto an argument will be made that he proved he could do it with no money, yet this success was 15-years ago and Porto were still the richest side in Portugal.

Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United – the most powerful sides in their league at the time.

Has he ever won the league title when his side have not had the most money to spend? Has he every joined a side struggling and turned them into league champions? The answer to both is no.


Arsenal is a fairly toxic place at the moment.

Fans are abusing players, arguing with each other, unhappy with the manager and angry at the running of the club. A positive atmosphere does not surround the club.

Bringing in Mourinho will be adding fuel to the fire.

Many fans would take an instant dislike to him; remembering his comments about Arsene Wenger, the Ashley Cole scandal and the way he has insulted the club previous.

He is a manager who constantly calls out opposing managers, criticises his own players publicly and digs out the fans.

You only have to look at Manchester United under him. Speak to their fans. They were not happy with the way he behaved, acted and carried himself. They turned quickly.

The man lacks class. He does not carry himself well at all. A narcissistic character, he believes himself to be bigger, more important than the club he is working for. He will drag that clubs good name through the mad to get success; success which is clearly drying up.

He plays a negative brand of football, setting his teams up to firstly not lose before they try and win.

Do we really want to add his character to the boiling pot of toxicity that is Arsenal at the moment?


The guy has no class whatsoever. If you are calling for him to become Arsenal manager, you are forgetting what Rocky Rocastle said.

Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.


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