FOUR reasons no European football is bad for Arsenal

One less trophy

For over 2 decades we start the season with a chance to win 4 trophies.

The Premier League, the FA Cup, the League Cup and a European trophy. Not being in Europe drops our chance of winning a trophy by 25%.

There is also talk about not having the League Cup next year. Suddenly without Europe and the League Cup we only have 2 shots at a trophy.

Taking into account we are a long way from being competitive in the League, we could be left with just one realistic shot at a trophy next season – The FA Cup. And that does not start until January.

No European tour

There is little better in football than away trips to Europe.

Rocking up to some random city, a few hundred of you, taking over a pub and getting on the beer for two days. The football is actually secondary.

Whether it is Cologne or Liege, Munich or Milan, Paris or Baku, the memories created abroad following The Arsenal are untouchable.

When you go away following your club, you understand why England has such a huge away following amongst lower league teams.

Following their country is their equivalent of European football.

Not having a European away day to look forward to as winter draws in will be a huge miss.


Teams in Europe build a squad based on playing 50+ games a season.

They can afford to have 2 top players I every position, knowing that there will be more than enough games to go around for everyone.

The problem you get is when you have no European football, there are then less games to go around.

Arsenal could play as few as 39 games next season if the League Cup is cancelled.

You are not going to keep a squad of 25 engaged if you only have 39 games to spread between them. It will result in players not playing, which in itself leads to unhappiness.

In 2018/19, 15 players played over 30 games, 18 played over 20 games.

The Europa League has also been a fantastic breeding ground for young players.

It has given a chance to the likes of Gabriel Martinelli Bukayo Saka, Joe Willock, Eddie Nketiah and Riess Nelson.

We might lost Florian Balogun this summer as the youngster is concerned about lack of first team opportunities. No European football takes away a competition that he would have got some game time in.


Whilst the Europa League might not have the riches of the Champions League, Arsenal still received £34million in broadcasting review in 2018/19 from playing in Europe.

That same year we played 8 home games in Europe. Match day revenue was £96million – with 31 home games.

On average Arsenal make £3million per home game. With 8 less games, that would potentially by £24million in lost match day revenue.

Europa League tickets tend to be at a reduced price and not sold out – so the real revenue for Europe League games would be closer to £1.5million a game. In 2018/19, the Europa League would have generated Arsenal around £12million in gate receipts.

So that is £34million in broadcasting money, £12million in match day revenue.

Missing out on European football will cost the club around £46million in revenue.



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