The famous Arsenal are going to Wemberley – but we are not going

Wemberley, Wemberley, we’re the famous Arsenal and we’re going Wemberley.

Except we are not really.

The tram might be playing there, but there will be no fans. And without fans football is nothing.

Instead I will be in my garden, few lads round, BBQ & beers watching the game the tele.

Right now I would probably be heading to a cafe to eat my only meal of the day. RODI’s near Blackhorse Road station tends to be the pre-Wembley stop. Full tank.

Although I’ve just seen it is now under new ownership and has gone from old school greasy spoon to new, trendy cafe that serves croissants and oat porridge instead of bacon, sausage, egg and beans.

Then it would be on to the White Swan on Highbury corner. Good old Wetherspoons. Cheap booze. Quick service. Can’t beat it.

London Overground to West Hampstead. Piss down Billy Fury Way. Off licence for a can before jumping on the Jubilee line to Wembley.

Watch Arsenal win then off to the Blue Check for some post games beers, before getting back down to Highbury for a few more in the Famous Cock.

12 hours of drinking with some of the best people on earth. And today we are missing it.

Will require a big effort tonight to win the game. But we have done it before.

In 2017 we beat Manchester City in the semi-final 2-1.

City lead following a goal from Sergio Aguero, before Nacho Monreal got the equaliser. Alexis Sanchez won the game in extra-time.

We then beat Chelsea in the final.

Wherever you watch it tonight, however with, enjoy yourself. Don’t be gripped by the fear of Covid19 or defeat.

Drink drink together in the name of the AFC.

What did she wear?


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