Tottenham charge £60 for their last home game of the season (whilst Arsenal charge just £26)

For years Arsenal have been hammered left right and centre in the media for having the “most expensive season tickets in the Premier League”.

Almost every media outlet ignored the fact that our season ticket also included the first 7 FA Cup and European games, and that once you divide the prices by game, Arsenal were actually less than the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea.

But it gave them the headline that drove the click to their sites.

So we have the last home games of the seasons going on in front of the crowds, and I was surprised not much has been mentioned as to what clubs are charging:

Firstly absolute hats off to Burnley for not charging fans for their last home game of the season against Liverpool. Great touch.

But look who is top of the league. Tottenham charging £60.

Meanwhile Arsenal are near the bottom, charging between £26-36 for the game against Brighton.

Tottenham’s £60 is the flat price – there is no range like most other clubs. This means there cheapest £15 more expensive than the next most expensive “cheap” ticket – Liverpool charging £45 for their game against Crystal Palace.

Spurs’s £60 is more than twice the average cheapest cost that all the Premier League clubs are charging, and more than 50% higher above what the highest average cost is.

Fans of Tottenham will probably “celebrate” the fact they are over then 100% more expensive than Arsenal as some sort proof that they are a “bigger” club. Saying things like “Arsenal have to sell cheap because no one wants to watch them”.

Reality is, Tottenham fans are being turned over by their owners and it is only going to get worse with a £1bn stadium to pay for

You feel if it was Arsenal at the top of the price league, it would be headline news across the BBC and other media outlets. But as it is Tottenham it has been quietly brushed under the carpet.


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