European football and finishing above Spurs – the aim of today is simple

So here it is. The last day of the strangest season we will ever have.

I begin writing this blog at 21:44 whilst watching the Eurovision. What position in the league do we have to finish this season to qualify for next years contest?

Of course I jest. Although with UEFA inventing the Europa Conference, I would not put it past them to award the League Cup winners with a place in the Eurovision.

So it has been a tough old season for fans.

As someone whose weekends were built around watching The Arsenal home and away, being unable to go to games has been hard.

From seeing the same faces week in week out to not seeing anyone for weeks, even months on end for some has been tough.

To all those going today, enjoy it, embrace it, and back the team.

Because despite our struggles this season on the pitch, we still have a chance of finishing above Spurs. Still have the opportunity of European football.

Some on social media have stated they would rather not finish 7th, so as to not be in the Europa Conference.

Whilst the invention of the competition baffles me, finishing 7th would mean we finish above Spurs. That should always be something we celebrate.

And qualifying for a European competition should always be seen as a good thing.

It is more games for fans young and old to go to, and a chance to win a trophy.

Those saying they do not want to be in the competition must never have been on a European away. If we qualify there could be some interesting trips to towns and cities we have never visited before.

So we come to the end. 3 songs to go. One game left.

The UK will probably finish with 0 points. Arsenal take all 3 and we should finish 7th.

Up the arse


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