4 current Arsenal stars better than Cesc Fabregas

OK, I am fed up. Cesc Fabregas joined Chelsea, and a few days ago, had a decent game for them, setting up 2 goals. Unlike many, however, I am not fed up due to Cesc playing in the blue of Chelsea. I am fed up due to the lack of respect Arsenal fan’s are giving to players in the current Arsenal side. I am going to make 2 statements:

Cesc Fabregas would not get into the Arsenal 1st team
There are 4 players better than Cesc who would keep him out

Mesut Ozil

Cesc Fabregas and Mesut Ozil are direct comparators. Both play in the number 10 role. The attacking midfielder. It is the presence of Ozil that led to Arsene Wenger not buying Cesc. And lets look at the stats.

Lets compare their stats since 2011/12 (when Cesc left Arsenal) for club and country (League, Europe and Inteernationals):

Cesc Fabregas: 134 games, 40 assists
Mesut Ozil: 135 games, 52 assists

Ozil is the king of assists, Fabregas is merely the prince.

Alexis Sanchez

The story go’s that when we were in Barcelona to discuss the Alexis Sanchez deal, Cesc got word of it and was excited as he thought Arsenal were coming in for him. He called Wenger and was promptly told it was Alexis Sanchez that we were after. Both were available, we chose Sanchez.

Both men joined Barcelona in the summer of 2011, how did they fair?

Cesc Fabregas: 151 games, 42 goals
Alexis Sanchez: 141 games, 47 goals

If we were after pace and goals, Sanchez is the better player.

Theo Walcott

Cesc Fabregas had his best season at Arsenal when he was 22. Theo Walcott also had his best season in an Arsenal shirt at the age of 22.

2009/10: Cesc Fabregas, 19 goals
2012/13: Theo Walcott, 21 goals

And remember, Cesc took penalties!

Aaron Ramsey

One way to accommodate Cesc Fabregas would be to drop him deeper, behind Ozil. That would result in dropping Aaron Ramsey. CRAZY. Lets look at the full league stats from last season:RamseyvCescIt is no contest. Aaron Ramsey out performs Cesc is almost every important department of an all-round central midfielder.


So next time you are sitting crying over Cesc, or getting angry that we did not sign him, remember, we have 4 players in our side who would keep it out.

My bet of the season? Ramsey, Walcott and Sanchez to score more goals than Cesc, Mesut Ozil to get more assists.

£27million to buy a player to sit on our bench? No thanks.



40 thoughts on “4 current Arsenal stars better than Cesc Fabregas

  1. dav

    you see how stupid and foolish you’re? In fact its only stupidity or insanity and shallow minded person which will probably termed you as an IMBECILE that will make you write this nonsense. shame you can’t hide your follie


    1. Michael Staley

      It’s not folly. It’s simply someone else’s opinion and you don’t like it. That’s fine. I quite often come across an opinion that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

      Personally I agree with the writer of this article.


  2. christy

    Absolute rubbish.Put up all the stats you like Although Ramsey has come on really well he certainly is no Fabregas.Also the player who would have dropped out of the team is neither Ozil or Ramsey its the overrated Wilshere.Further point Arsenal will go no where if they do not address the problem of having no genuine Defensive midfielder and Goal scorer.


  3. Tony

    Fabregas is what Chelsea needed, he ALWAYS caused problems when the Arsenal games came round. I really thought his through ball to Schurrel was simply stunning, there’s no way Schurrel would have made that run had it been any of our other midfielders on the ball, it would have been a waste of time! I really think he would make any team in the prem league.


  4. simon

    its really simple. We won’t be playing Fabregas as an attacking number 10. He will play as a holding midfielder beside Matic. rather like he did with you guys alongside Flamini back in the early days…Controlling possession, dictating pace and making runs from deep. Now tell me you don’t have a place for him in you team, because you have better player in those positions…Exactly !!!


  5. pete

    this surely must leave most latte drinking gooners shaking their heads as well!!

    here are some facts/stats
    wenger has never beaten Jose (13 attempts)
    Piers Morgan is a complete tool and true representation of your club
    you cant fill your ground
    you lie about filling your ground
    you haven’t won the European Cup
    Chelsea have won the European Cup
    Ashley Cole has won the European Cup
    you are only playing a qualifier because Chelsea keep getting to finals/semi finals so that the English coefficient is kept high
    you always finish 4
    so who cares whether Cesc is better Ozil or anyone else..


  6. wegman

    so basically you’re saying that cesc has almost as impressive stats as four of our first teamers COMBINED? And because he’s slightly below assists as much as ozil, scores as much as sanchez and has almost the same stats as ramsey’s from last year… we shouldn’t have bought him?!


  7. Unionjack

    Im sorry that theres football ‘fans’ like this who spout on just to see their lips flap. ANY real football fan whether red/Blue/yellow would admit Fabs was better than at least 3 of those and if the other one doesnt wake up he should jog on. Its not our fault yoiur near sighted Vinegar didnt sign him and bring your once beloved hero/captain home. Just imagine the electricity and uniting of your club it would have made. Just like us bringing home Drogs. But your loss is Schurrly our gain and we shall see at the end of the season just how many points there are beween us again.
    Just keep remembering theres only 1 team in London won the CL cup and there shall be Blue flags flying high across Europe again this year, Stay Carefree gooners.


    1. Estarry

      D same sanchex u bought cannot dictate or change anytin wen it matters, Fabrigas has all dis which makes him better, look @ ozil on d other hand, he only show up wen he find smaller teams. Continue ur statistic while u play Europa league next year.


  8. peter

    Woooo…it tuk ur 4 player to compare to our CESC…evry1 can see whu is world class…
    Gooner will always be gooner…crying all d tym…


  9. franck

    Love the stats….especially the one bout Theo,who needs a cesc when you have Aaron Ramsey,Theo Walcott,Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla…….


  10. franck

    These chelsea fans are trolling us over a player we had for 8 years and didnt want back before he joined your club……its just like dating a girl,dumping her wen she still had firm Tits…to think we will be wanting her when the tits are flat as hell..not hapening….


  11. franck

    Estarry why should i cry..those players are the future of the team i support who cares about cesc,i dont dwell in the past….unless its TH14…


  12. Dan

    I’m surprised you didn’t compare Cesc’s saving stats with Wojciech Szesczeny’s. You’re undoubtedly an AKB. Cescy would have added so much to our squad. Battle for fourth yet again.



  13. franck

    @dan what can he do now dat he couldnt do in 8 seasons……i dont i know wat cesc can do,watched him for 8 years,i wana see what ozil will do in the next 7 years.dont dwell in the past man,u wont move forward…..unless ofcoures its TH14


  14. imunionjack

    I watched Cesc many times when he was with you and i thought the guy was the dogs dangleys and would have loved it if he would have played for us. All this crap about not wanting a player because of playing for another side before is daft. If you cant see that the benefits of him playing again for you outweighed the minuses then youre not a true fan.
    I shouted when I heard we had signed him because I thought it could never happen. Theres honestly not many other players Id swap with him at this moment.


  15. Samuel igburu

    no true arsenal fan who doesn’t know how fantastic cesc was to us,the way he played his football was inspirational any reason for we not to sign him best known to Wenger but one thing is for sure for me the beautiful football you played for us will ever remain in my heart.l miss you


  16. eniola

    You are comparing one player to four? That shows how great fabregas is. Four in one? Wow! Amazing! Fabregas is the best. Ozil is a single trick puny. He is so lazy and can’t help defensively. Fabregas is far better a player than Ramsey. Recall that barcelona has the history of ruining players that moves to to the club. For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic flop during his stint at barcalona. But after leaving them, he became even a better player than he was at internationale. Fabregas suffered from the same situation. Fabregas was used out of his natural position by barcelona which explained why he struggled to make an impact. Real madrid allowed Ozil to go because he was simply supplus to requirement. Dimaria was prefered to him.


  17. Raw Milli

    If we could take the best parts of all those players and wrap them into one player he’d be Cesc better. As an all rounder Cesc is ridiculous. When he was at Arsenal I believed he was one of the worlds best. He stagnated at Barca because they didn’t believe in him like Arsene did, but I guarantee you by the time he’s 15 games into the season he’ll be back to his audacious best. I’d have rather had Fabs in my squad Arsenal squad then him being at Chelsea. That doesn’t mean though that we can’t go all the way ourselves. We just have to step up. Oh and buy a quality CDM as well please!


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  19. franck

    @samuel igburu cesc was fantastic when he played for us…As a true Gunner i am gutted that u stil have a place in ur heart for him…he paid with his own money to leave us…that is worse than wat Nasri or RVP did incase u dont know,they left with a year left on their contracts and didnt want to renew…he paid to leave us with 4 years left on his contract.he couldnt stand us for a day longer..reason he joined chelsea…who cares bout Cesc.


  20. Renjith

    hey wht the hell u r talking ….. fabregas is the best ever in football as a midfielder …. u compare with Sanchez … he is a striker ??? …. i think he is a stricker …..


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  22. Amadan

    Load of balls, Throw a hleb, 18 year old theo, lanky ade, tired song, useless senderos, baby bendtner, tiny wilshire on them shoulders and he would still carry them all the way to fourth place on his own. Which is all the current crop can hope for without him. With him could have beat chelsea this year and made money selling clown shoes and some GHEL.



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