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Arsenal target Manchester United star that outperforms Sanchez & Ozil

Rumours doing the round that Arsenal want to take Manchester United’s Anthony Martial as part of the deal that will see Alexis Sanchez go to the red side of Manchester.

As the below stats shows, Arsenal would be getting a player who is much more efficient than both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

I was surprised when I pumped the names into the SQUAWKA COMPARISON MATRIX. Whilst I expected Martial to not be too far in terms of minutes per goal and assist last season, I did not expect to see him ahead of both.

“Minutes per” statistics will often favour the player who plays less minutes, but it is undeniable that Martial is an impressive player.

He currently averages a goal every 3.4 games in the Premier League. A decent figure when you consider 15% of his appearances have come from the bench.

He has also only just turned 22. He is young, hungry and quality.

A surprisingly competitive replacement for Alexis Sanchez.



Struggling to find any positives

I see myself as a fairly positive character. I try not to get things get me down, especially things out of my control. I feel sorry for the Arsenal fans that live in such a negative world that they spend nearly every hour, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, spouting negativity on social media.

We all know the people. 100 tweets a day, all negative. They run Facebook groups where, after a defeat, they post anti-Arsenal 50 meme’s. They clearly get no enjoyment from football, or their only enjoyment they get is being negative.

It is easy to slip into this world of negativity. As negativity breeds more negativity and you tend to surround yourselves with people with similar negative views. It must be very depressing to be one of these people. Constantly walking around being negative.

I might get criticised for it, but I prefer to stay positive. Always looking on the bright side. Trying to find the good in people. It is better to live your life this way then have the negative outlook that some have.

But with Arsenal at the moment, it is very hard to find the positives.

Another predictable defeat against Bournemouth sees the gap open up between Arsenal in 6th and the top 4 futher.

It has been hard to remain positive as an away this season – just 3 wins in 12 away games in the Premier League. With no wins in the League Cup or FA Cup, and just the single win against BATE Borisov in Europe makes it 4 wins on the road for Arsenal.

We are now on a run of just 1 win in the last 6 – a post Christmas victory against Crystal Palace. It is easy to get down.

I read somewhere that Arsenal have been awful since beating Chelsea in the FA Cup. And it is hard to argue against this:

  •          Arsene Wenger signing a new contract
  •          Alexis Sanchez not signing a new contract
  •          Mesut Ozil not signing a new contract
  •          Just 2 senior players signed
  •          A profit on transfers in the summer
  •          2 defeats in the opening 3 games
  •          No away win until 22 October 2017
  •          1 away win in our first 6 away games
  •          Limp performances in the Europa League
  •          Including losing to a bottom of the league Koln – who had one a single game all season
  •          Sir Chips Keswick showing disregard to fans
  •          2 wins in the last 9 Premier League games
  •          Knocked out of the FA Cup at the 3rd round stage
  •          23 points off top (just 22 points off bottom)
  •          8 points off the top 4
  •          Sanchez set to leave
  •          Ozil still not signed a new contract
  •          Jack Wilshere not signed a new contract
  •          Players being sold for below market value
  •          No players being signed

I could go on but then I am on the verge of entering the spiral of negativity that I am trying to void.

Arsenal is not a happy place at the moment.

It is not enjoyable going to games, and even less enjoyable speaking to people at Arsenal.

In my office, I have Spurs and Liverpool fans trying to “banter” me, ignoring the fact that their clubs are no better than us – neither winning anything bar a couple of League Cups in the last decade. Finishing above us once in 20 years does not over turn 2 decades of failure! But it is hard to argue against them.

So what positives can I cling on to?

  •          We are still in the League Cup
  •          We are still in the Europa League

A trophy will not make up for how poor we have been this season, how badly mismanaged we are, from Wenger to Ivan Gazidis to the board, but it will be a minor success.

I guess the only positive I have to cling to is that even in our barren years, we are still more successful then that lot up the road. And whilst we have had a poor couple of years, Spurs have had a poor 3 decades.

So my positive for the day, at least I am not a Spurs fan.

Have a good week, and don’t let football get you down. It really isn’t worth it.



Hopes for Arsenal in 2018…

To win a trophy

Ultimately, we are in football for the success, the glory, to cheer our team on. Some clubs have a different level of success than other. For Leyton Orient, success is surviving. For Arsenal, it is trophies.

Arsenal might have been out of the title race by December – but so was every other team in England bar Manchester City. That leaves the cups as realistic targets.

Arsenal need to re-prioritise their season away from the league and onto the cups.

A trip to Wembley in March, or at the end of the season. A cheeky flight to Lyon in May. Any of these will do. Because ultimately, it is the winners who are remembered, not who finish second but put the pressure on.

Back the team to its 4th trophy in 5 years (and can we dream of a cup treble?)

Change in leadership

Whether is the manager, the owner, Ivan Gazidis or Vik Akers, something needs to change at Arsenal to freshen things up.

In Gazidis’ defence, he has acted on his summer words and we are about to see a new Head of Football Relations and Head of Recruitment join us in the shape of Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi.

Realistically, Stan Kroenke will not be selling any time soon. And my personal opinion is that I do not want to be a dodgy Russian’s play thing, despite needing £350m investment.

The time is up for Arsene Wenger. Even those who still talk about his success, and the 3 FA Cups in 4 years will agree that he has gone stale.

I hope 2018 will be Arsene Wenger’s last, and that he can leave having bought us further success

Beat Spurs at Wembley

It is the little things that count, and whilst beating Spurs at Wembley will not mean much in terms of league placings, it will reinforce that Wembley is ours.

Keep Mesut Ozil and Jack Wilshere

I do not care for Alexis Sanchez. He can go away and do nasty things to his dogs. But recently both Ozil and Wilshere have shone.

Ozil has returned to form and, perhaps with the limelight on him rather than Sanchez, people are realising the good work he does.

Jack Wilshere meanwhile is still on the road to recovery.

I would be concerned about giving him the mooted 5 year – £100,000 a week contract, but would not be upset if he signed a new 3 year deal.

Just remember when it comes to Wilshere, if you are calling for him to have a new contract, and he breaks down again, do not blame the club that he is “stealing” a wage, as you wanted him to get the new deal.

Spend some f*****g money

We might not have £350million to spend, but we are by no means paupers.

Hopefully this summer with Mislintat and Sanllehi at the helm, we actually buy the players we need, and act clinically in the market. It might not be enough to overhaul Manchester city, but better to try and fail, then not try at all.


What wishes do you have for 2018?