Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career is over…but it is going to be a long and painful departure

Mesut Ozil will not play for Arsenal again.

He knew his time was up months ago when he fell out of favour with Mikel Arteta as football returned from its suspension.

We might never know the true story of what happened prior to the Manchester City game.

Ozil was in the squad, travelling to Manchester, and then pulled out at late notice. He has not been seen in a match day squad since.

Whatever happened prior to that Manchester City game led Arteta to decide that Ozil’s time at Arsenal was up.

There is a conspiracy theory that Ozil was being forced out due to his reluctance to take a wage cut. This is not true.

There is also a conspiracy theory that Ozil was being forced out as Arsenal wanted to get him off the wage bill. This is not true.

Think logically for a moment.

Ozil is set to cost Arsenal around £20million in wages in the last year of his contract. Failing to make the Europa League would cost Arsenal £40million. The Champions League over £70million.

The cost of not making Europe is more than the cost of Ozil’s last year of his contract. It makes zero sense for Arsenal to damage their chances of making Europe just because they did not want to pay Ozil’s £350k a week.

Arteta is under no pressure to pick players. Ozil’s exclusion is down to the manager.

He sees Ozil for what he is.

A player who has no interest in playing football anymore.

Ozil knew months ago that he had played his last game for Arsenal. That he was welcome to go out on loan to another club.

A loan deal would have still seen Ozil earn his £350k a week, and would have seen Ozil playing regular football again.

Instead, Ozil failed to push for a loan deal, and reportedly turned down a couple of enquiries. He made the decision that he would rather earn his £350k a week, live in London and not play.

The other option would have been go out on loan, earn his £350k a week and play.

It is the decision to not play that justifies Arteta’s decision not to play him.

Ozil clearly has no drive, no desire to play football anymore.I

If he did have the drive to still play at the highest level, he would either be showing that desire by developing his game to fit in with Arteta’s plans, or would have seeked a move elsewhere.

For those that say “he is 32, he has won a World Cup, he doesn’t need to develop his game to fit in with Arteta’s game plan” shows exactly why he does not have the mentality for top level sport.

From LeBron James to Roger Federer, Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan, sport is littered with legendary athletes who developed their game at a late age to continue winning.

Look at a Cristiano Ronaldo. Still performing at 35. Still developing his game to ensure he not only remains a starter for Juventus, but their most important player.

Ozil has shown in public that that he does not have the mentality to continue playing at the highest level.

But Ozil still has his ego. His fan base.

Ozil knows that if he came out and said “I do not really want to play football anymore”; he would become irrelevant overnight.

He needs to appear the victim so that his support remains intact. So that it boasts his very fragile ego.

Ozil knows he is a divisive character. He does not act in the best interests of Arsenal. He does not love the club. All he is interested in is promoting his own fan base. He knows his actions will create division, but he still acts.

He knows he will not play for Arsenal this season, but has decided to stay at the club.

This weak mentality is exactly why Arteta is justified in not selecting him.



9 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal career is over…but it is going to be a long and painful departure

  1. CorporateMan

    Agree with you entirely
    The likes of Alexis Sanchez, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale left their‘comfort zone’ just in order to keep on being on the pitch to play the beautiful game. And these are all players within Ozil’s age and achievement bracket.
    It’s a pity he’d decide to end a glittering career this way



    It seems Arteta and Edu are here to distroy Arsenal with there own ego. We’ve seen so many legendary coaches including Fugerson quarrel with players and later reconcile. Just of recent everybody saw Aguero exchanging words with Gaudiola when substituted and Armageddon did not fall on Aguero. This is just Arteta’s first year as a coach and from all indication now if you place two choices before him which are :(1) winning the league title and (2) chasing Ozil out at all cost, he will definitely choose the later! I don’t blame him because of the excessive freedom given to coaches at Arsenal including his mentor, Mr. Wenger. This made irrelevant things to be primary and success, secondary! But Arsenal fans world wide would be furious with Stan and Josh if they do not secretly keep a sledge hammer for him and Edu if the club is humiliated by City next week, so that if they’re lucky to get a job somewhere else, he and Edu will learn how to prioritize the interest of there club.


    1. GoonerBen

      Surprsing how diverse the fan base is…it really is. Hope you bought our new kit anyway. Every penny counts. Thanks in advance.


  3. Serori

    Just nailed it on the head, leaving for a loan will still earn ozil his 350k salaries either Arsenal paying all or part paying with the club he went to but he choses to stay when knowing he won’t play shows a very weak mentality.
    Another thing is that ozil knows that if he goes out on loan and failed people will see his weakness that has made Arsenal froze him out of the team and it will affect both his ego and fan base. He has no belief in his own ability to perform at the very top again so better to hide in Arsenal and collect his money and do nothing while posting PR stunts on social media and taken snipes at Arsenal.


  4. Think more than football

    completely wrong. Ozil hasn’t changed, he was always like this, his playing style etc. Look at his contribution before he was taken out the squad. our most creative player, even arteta said he needs ozil. a player like that you don’t simply take out, no matter what personal issues, he has quality so what happened? its very clear, its to do with finances, arsenal lose out on Chinese money so they don’t play ozil, people say he played several games after the incident but think about that too. its not as if we can go and buy aouar immediately, obviously it takes time, likewise all the threats etc had to be assessed and clearly with covid the situation was even slower as china had other worries. so now here we are, ozil was never a robust player that would physically dominate, but he would orchestrate attacks, he is currently still our best creative player. the fact that Ozil hasn’t spoken out publicly tells me one thing, he respects arteta’s decision and doesn’t want to put him in a more difficult situation as well as the club. We should remember how good ozil was for arsenal and how the Chinese have influenced his horrible end, even till now he has respect as he hasn’t said anything else to add to it. and for those who say than why doesn’t he leave etc. again use some brain cells if you have any. what club is gonna take him on without Chinese money? he would have to go somewhere and take a significant pay cut, nobody in their right mind would do that, but all the keyboard warriors would say they will, well lets see what happens if the club you love didn’t stand by you and you feel hard done by, what options are you going to take really? its clear arsenal are doing what they think is best for the club. but nobody who knows football will deny arsenal are a better team with ozil


  5. Uwot?

    For all the delusional.Ozil is NOT our best player.Not even close.As for Arsenal being a better team with him in it. R u avin a larf?The man is a lazy,good for nothing shirker,without an ounce of pride.I suggest if you can’t see the glaringly obvious that you check out his more recent stats.Its like Arsenal playing with ten men maybe worse cos he takes up a squad place.Hes past his sell by date.& doesn’t want to play football.look at the endless excuses of sicknotes as an example.Actually I’m sick to death of his “ fanboys” making excuses for him.They are NOT Arsenal fans.Maybe “ fort nite” gamers.Who knows? Who cares?



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