Arsenal right to demand answers of SFA

The big news from yesterday was that Kieran Tierney was to enter a period of isolation following a teammate giving a positive corcoronavirus test.

Whilst Tierney has tested negative, the Lothian Health Protection Team (LHPT) have decided that he had been in close contact with teammate Stuart Armstrong.

Tierney has stated his frustration at the situation, saying “I have adhered to all regulations and made sure I was socially distancing from my teammates in the hotel”.

Arsenal are right to demand answers from the Scottish Football Association.

Reports are that Tierney was playing a computer game in a hotel room, but had remained socially distanced.

A further test has also shown that Tierney has Coronavirus anti-bodies, indicating that he has probably already previously had the virus.

Arsenal are demanding to know why he has to isolate when he has produced a negative test and anti-bodies.

When you consider 3 Liverpool players have tested positive in recent weeks, but not a single player has had to isolate, you have to question the motive.

You have to wonder why international football is going on under current circumstances.

Domestically, football teams are within their own bubble in accordance to the country they play in. They play against sides in similar bubbles, playing under similar rules.

And then we have international football.

It brings together multiple different players, playing for multiple different teams, in multiple different countries with multiple different rules.

For all intents and purposes, a 25 man international squad could be made up of 25 different players playing in 25 different countries. Some tested every few days, others never tested.

If the message is “stop the spread”, how does international football fit in?

In England we have the Rule of 6 – where you can only have 6 people socialise together.

Up on Scotland it has just been announced that bars, pubs and cafes will have to shut at 6pm.

There are also quarantine periods that people coming from abroad have to undertake if they arrive to the UK, depending on which country they are coming in from.

We are all having to sacrifice our lives to ensure we limit the spread of COVID19.

But then we have international football which brings many different people together, living in many different countries.

It will be a breeding ground for COVID19, similar to what we are seeing at universities. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a spike in positive tests in footballers following the international break.



1 thought on “Arsenal right to demand answers of SFA

  1. Uwot?

    F** k the jocks.Its the Celtic connection trying to stitch us up for nicking Tierney.zDont give a monkeys for the English clubs.Apparently has now had 3 tests.All negative.& One anti body test proving has NEVER had the virus.Get a private jet & whizz back or they’ll keep him there forever.



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