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Arsenal International’s and Congratulations Ivan

Well that was another dull international break wasn’t it?

With Theo Walcott mysteriously left out of the England squad once again by Gareth Southgate for inferior players, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain now at Liverpool, and Jack Wilshere not selected due to lack of games over the last 6 months, there was nothing of real interest in either England game. And the game itself were as boring as anything.

Oxlade-Chamberlain proved what most people with half a brain have been saying for years. That he has the ability to beat people for fun, but does not contribute much else.

3 occasions against Slovenia (or was it Slovakia? Or Serbia? All these Eastern Bloc countries are the same to me) he showed the world what he was about.

In the first half he brilliantly won the ball, shrugged off his opponent and drove forward, only to pass the ball 5 yards directly to an opponent.

A minute later he brilliantly beat a couple of men, before curling a ball high and wide. You can not even say it went over the bar, as it didn’t. It was an atrocious shot. Finally at one point he found himself in plenty of space on the left, cut back in on his right foot to put a cross in. Goal kick. It’s the story of his life.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is average, and proved for England what Arsenal fans have seen for years. ZERO end product. Arsenal did brilliant to fleece Liverpool for £40m, the annoyance is he was not replaced. Although if we return to 4 at the back, he is essentially 5th choice RB (Bellerin, Debuchy, Chambers, Mustafi, Ox) and 5th choice winger (Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, Iwobi).

I had to laugh at the Boring James Milner twitter account mocking Oxlade-Chamberlain throughout:

This after the deadline day tweet:

If you find yourself playing Malta, and end up on the right wing with Jake Livermore in central midfield, then the next game find yourself being shunted to the left wing for the next game, maybe you are simply not as good as you think you are?

Thanks for the memories Ox. Although I can not think of any at this moment in time.

There were goals for Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey against Malta and Moldova respectively.

Arsenal players stepping up and scoring against minnows. I am going to stick a tenner on us to win the FA Cup and Europa League this year.

On the Europa League, Cologne is all booked. Gonna be a top trip. 11 of us going out there. Staying at the Ibis near the station. Should be a good drink up.

Mesut Ozil also put in his top performance for Germany.

Personally I do not care how many goals and assists he has for Germany, I care that he performs for Arsenal.

A load of fan boys came out saying look at how good Mesut is. If only he played with top players at Arsenal. You might be right, but also remember he is a top player at Arsenal. A top player who too often lets his team mates down.

Thinking about Germany, Joachim Lowe is set to leave after the World Cup. Will we let another top manager find a job elsewhere?

With regards to other players playing across the globe for their country, I do not really care how they performed, nor have I taken any notice.

I look forward to Saturday. A day of redemption.

finally congratulations Ivan on the new job…



How is Theo Walcott not in the England squad?

England play tonight and I for one am baffled as to why Theo Walcott does not get into the squad.

Now before you all jump on the comments and say “he is sh*t”, put your dummy back in and be sensible.

Yes, he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he might not be the most naturally gifted when it comes to dribbling or vision, but he gets goals and assists, something which a lot of the current squad struggle with.

Look at stats from last season:

It baffles me that England think they are so good that they have left at home a player who outscored all but 2 of the current squad last season, with the second best games to goals ratio.


Theo Walcott – Not simply the best, but maybe better than all the rest?

So yesterday’s blog bought out a response from someone on the She Wore Facebook page with regards to Theo Walcott. And that comment has inspired this blog.

The comment was a simple one. That of all of the players mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Walcott was the biggest freeloader.

I responded in my usual matter of fact way; 19 goals last year. Walcott is a better winger than Ox, Welbeck, Perez or Joel Campbell.

The response from someone was as expected. Are you having a laugh???

No, I was not having a laugh. Theo Walcott, whilst he might not be mine or anyone’s full cup of tea, is the better than those others named above.

Theo Walcott knows where the net is. Not too many wide men outscored him last year. Just the top, top players. The likes of Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez.

He has scored 104 goals in 381 games for Arsenal. That is a better ratio than Freddie Ljungberg. Add in the goals for Southampton in the Championship, Walcott scores a 1 goal in every 3.7 games.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has always flattered to deceive. He has the ability to beat players for fun, but then will run to the corner flag and stick one into row Z. He is currently loving the celebrity life style, and is acting Hollywood on the pitch.

The simple fact is, he does not have any end product. In his entire career for Arsenal, he has scored just 20 goals. Just one more goal than Theo Walcott scored last season. 20 goals in 196 games. Add the goals in League One for Southampton, he has scored a massive 30 goals in 239 games. That is 1 in 8.

One player who will always frustrate everyone is Danny Welbeck. He has the pace, he has the power, he looks like an elegant gazelle when running. But put him in front of goal and he looks like Bambi.

Twice against Stoke City at the weekend he had the ball with the goal in front of him. Both times he took 3 touches of the ball and failed to get a shot off. You can not take 3 touches of the ball in the box in the Premier League and fail to get a shot off.

Even when he scored against Leicester, he needed 3 touches of the ball. And that was 3 years out, with an open goal.

When we signed Welbeck from Man U, there fans told us exactly what it was we were getting. A player who was class until he had to score. It is crazy to think he has scored just 55 goals in his career, at a ratio of 1 in 4.5.

Then we come to Joel Campbell. Has there ever been a player who has produced so little who ends up so highly rated by many? He certainly falls into the category of “Wenger does not rate him, so lets rate him, because we refuse to agree with Wenger”.

Joel Campbell is now 25 years old. He is no a youngster anymore. He joined Arsenal back in 2011 and has scored just 4 goals for the club.

In his defence, he has spent most of that time on loan throughout Europe. But lets be honest, he has not exactly set the world alight whilst on loan.

He scored a couple of world class goals for Olympiacos back in the day, but it has been a career of averageness.

Let me but it another way, if Arsenal were interested in signing a 25 year old winger from sporting Lisbon who last season struggled to start for them – just 7 league starts, would you be excited, or would you be screaming for Wenger to go?

It would be the later.

During his loan spell at Lisbon last season, he scored 3 goals in all competitions. This bought his career total to 25 goals in 200 games. A fantastic 1 in 8.

Lastly we have Lucas Perez. A player who some feel has not had his chance. The truth is different.

Perez scored against Sutton (it was a cross), Basel, Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth. Not exactly giants of the game are they?

Perez is a journeyman. A career that has taken him from Spain to Ukraine, on to Greece, back to Spain, then North London. 4 years playing in average Eastern European leagues did not get him the goals you would expect.

Only twice has he ever hit more than 10 goals in a season. The first was for PAOK in Greece. The second was the year he before he joined Arsenal .He scored 17 goals for Deportivo in 2015/16. That is 2 less than Walcott scored for Arsenal last season.

His record of 1 in 3.4 is superior to Walcott, but he has played in defensively inferior leagues.

If you look at just the last 5 years for Walcott – he was a very slow starter – his goal scoring record is one goal ever 2.5 games.

Theo Walcott might not be what we want, but he is better than what we have. And anyone that disagrees is an idiot. Simple as.