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Bromance of Arsenal strikers

When he joined in January, there was plenty of talk that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang  was a disruptive influence.

There was talk that his arrival would cause friction with between the Gabonese striker and the man bought in the summer, Alexandre Lacazette. That two players competing for one position, and one with the ego of Aubameyang, would result in the French striker being unhappy and leaving.

Calling Aubameyang a disruptive influence with an ego was basically lazy journalism.

They saw a young black man with spiky hair and tattoos who liked sports cars and jackets and assumed he had a massive ego, without really knowing the player. It was labelling, the same we see with Raheem Sterling.

Every multi millionaire footballer has a top of the range car, usually more than one, but it seems only certain players are criticised for it. Usually young black players.

They also claimed he was a disruptive influence. But there had no evidence of it. Just hearsay. Even though those that knew him, or were close to the Dortmund set up debunked the rumours. They said he had a couple of issues over the years arriving late for training after visiting Milan or Paris, but that was all.

He was a team mate. A jolly character who bought people together.

The press ignored the facts and wrote their stories for hits, clicks and advertising revenue.

Instead of competing against each other, seeing each other as rivals creating friction, Aubameyang and Lacazette have actually struck up a bromance, and it should not be a surprise to anyone.

Aubameyang and Lacazette were born just two years apart, they are both in their late 20s adjusting to life in a new country.

Lacazette was born in Lyon, France, spending his entire life in the French city prior to moving to Arsenal. Aubameyang meanwhile is much more travelled in his career.

Aubameyang’s career has taken him from Italy, to France, then Germany and now England. What is often forgotten about is that whilst he plays for Gabon he was actually born in Laval, France.

He lived in France for 17 years before moving to Italy to join AC Milan’s youth set up. They then loaned him back to French clubs before selling him to Saint-Étienne in 2011.

He is the son of former Gabonese captain Pierre Aubameyang, but is as much French as he is Gabonese.

Like Aubameyang, Lacazette is also from a French immigrant family. His family originate from Guadeloupe.

Lacazette is the youngest of 4 brothers, Aubameyang the youngest of 3.

So here you have two men of similar age, both bought up in France to immigrant families, both the youngest children, both living in London for the first time. Is it really a surprise that they are drawn to each other, seeing themselves as friends rather than rivals?

They clearly socialise together, and their off the pitch connection came through during the game against Cardiff on Sunday where they linked up well.

Playing the pair up front together, at the sacrifice of either Mesut Ozil or Henrikh Mkhitaryan is an exciting option.



Mesut Ozil, Aubameyang v Lacazette & Jose Mourinho

Mesut Ozil

Sick again, it is hard to support him at times, he does not help himself.

A bit like in the office having a really good employee who you are also mates with, going out a couple of days a week after work for a pint, yet is off sick twice a month.

You want to support and back them but eventually the camels back is broken.

I am getting to this point with Ozil.

Some have said he has a low immune system, others that he has a dicky back. it is then crazy that we gave him such a huge contract if we knew that he had health or injury problems.

I do not believe the rumours of a training ground bust-up. The media are just trying to use The Arsenal name to create hits.

With it being the last week of the transfer window, it did get me thinking.

Should Arsenal cash in on Mesut Ozil if a bid comes in?

Aubameyang v Lacazette

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has started the season slowly. He is however still a class act.

Meanwhile Alexandre Lacazette has looked electric every time he has come on, making things happen. Both players seem to also play well together.

So who should start against Cardiff?

Jose Mourinho

Watching the Jose Mourinho press conference yesterday was a thing of beauty.

Mourinho demanding respect from the media as he has won 3 Premier League titles, whilst all other 19 managers in the division have only won 2 between them.

It got me thinking about Mourinho’s comments about Arsene Wenger back in October 2005.

“I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur,” he said. “He likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, they have a big telescope to see what happens in other families. He speaks and speaks and speaks about Chelsea.” 

At this point, Mourinho had won just 1 Premier League title against Wenger’s 3.

He showed no respect to Wenger, despite Wenger, at the time, having won more than him in England. In fact, throughout his career in England, he has shown a lot of disrespect to others on the touchline.

Most notably the amount of times he has shaken the hand of an opposing manager and walked off in a strop.

Mourinho needs to take a long hard look at himself. If he wants respect from the media and other managers, perhaps he should start by giving them the respect first?

Respect is for those who deserve it, not those who demand it.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shines on positive pre-season tour

The first block of pre-season games are over as Arsenal fly from Singapore to Dublin to continue their preparation in Europe.

For those of us not lucky enough to be in Singapore, the JW Diaries is a great read.

Whilst it is just pre-season, and therefore the usual disclaimer of not reading too much into it, there are some very clear positives to be had.

The first is the togetherness of the squad.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, getting on with each other, having a bit of fun. In the middle of it all is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon strikers attitude has stuck two fingers up at the press who labelled him a flashy arrogant party boy when he signed. Clearly talented, and clearly humorous, he is bringing the squad together.

There will always be cliques in every squad. Arsenal have 3 big ones – the English lads, the French lads and the German / Bundesliga lads.

Aubameyang was born in France, lived in Italy for 4 years, and Germany for 5. He is multi-lingual, speaking English, French and Germany. He is able cross over all 3 groups, bringing them together with his personality and positive attitude. He is the centre of attention.

The players seem to be freer, and hopefully this continues when the players turn out in front of the home fans at the Emirates.

We also saw Mesut Ozil captain the side against PSG.

Whilst I do not expect him to be club captain this season, he is a senior professional, a leader, and making him captain against PSG was a masterstroke after everything he has been through.

Ozil is, and always will be, a player who needs an arm put round him. He needs to feel loved. Arsenal and Emery have gone on the charm offensive since the Germany fall-out, making it clear that Arsenal is his home, that the players are his family.

The idiots on social media slating him 24/7 need to take a look at themselves. They are the same people who slated Arsene Wenger 24/7 – and still do. They are the same people who complain about Aaron Ramsey, Alex Iwobi, Danny Welbeck, Granit Xhaka and now Mesut Ozil.

These people are not Arsenal fans. They never say anything positive about the players or the club. They are a minority, probably actually just a dozen or so idiots, but their energy is not wanted at the club these days. Any real Arsenal fan will be getting behind the club, getting behind Ozil.

The performances by some of our youngsters is also something to get a little bit excited about.

New boy Matteo Guendouzi put in a mature performance in central midfield against PSG, where he was Man of the Match.

He dominated the play, breaking it up and moving the ball on.

He only turned 19 in April and at 6ft 1in still has some filling out to do. It is way to early to be calling for him to start against Manchester City, but it is going to be exciting to watch his development in the Europa League and League Cup.

At £7million, Guendouzi could be one of the signings of the summer, and just shows the benefit of having Sven “diamond eye” Mislintat in change of recruitment.

With Lucas Torreira at 22 and Ainsley Maitland-Niles turning 21 in August, we have an abundance of talented young central midfielders – of all who bring something completely different to the side.

The progress of some of the young English players has also been enjoyable to watch.

Emile Smith Rowe and Eddie Nketiah have both looked good pre-season. Reiss Nelson has also shown flashes of his talent, and the aforementioned Maitland-Niles has continued his progress.

These guys will be important for Arsenal’s future due to restrictions on home grown players.

Whilst it is perhaps 12 months to early to be talking about them taking over from Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck, Smith Rowe, Nketiah and Nelson will know that there are regular first team squad places up for grabs in 2019.

All in all, a good start to pre-season. It is Chelsea in Dublin on Wednesday before Lazio in Stockholm on Saturday.

I expect that we will have news about both Aaron Ramsey and Ivan Gazidis this week, as both the transfer deadline day and start of the season hurtle towards us.

The Championship starts this weekend!!!!