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The Pub, The Arsenal, Saka, Martinelli & Aubameyang contracts

Who is off to the pub today?

I’m giving it a miss.

Nothing to do with my worries about Covid19 (I have no worries) and more to do with me not being bothered to wander round the streets of London looking for a boozer that is allowing people in.

Many pubs will remain shut, and those that are open will be at around 70% capacity. And that is actual capacity, not football day capacity where there can be hundreds in a pub which has a capacity of less than 100.

If you’ve booked your table for 2 hours, fair play. If you haven’t, go and get a few cans and sit in Finsbury Park, Highbury Fields or whatever open space is closes to your house.

Personally, I will be in my garden. The garden bar will be open. BBQ on. The game on my outdoors TV. And at £12 for 15 bottles of Amstel, plenty of money will be saved by all.

Out of nowhere yesterday Arsenal announced a new deal for Gabriel Martinelli. It came out of nowhere.

“Pay parity with Saka” a mate mentioned. And that’s probably true.

In Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, Arsenal have two of the most exciting teenage attacking talents in Europe.

It makes complete sense to ensure both players are on similar money, with similar length contracts. These two are our future.

Hopefully within the next week new contracts for the future is followed up with a new contract for the present. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Reports began to leak that Aubameyang is on the verge of agreeing a 3-year deal with a salary “up to £250k”.

This would represent a 2 year extension, with his current deal having 1 year to run.

It will be an interesting deal when it comes down to the money.

Not too long ago the squad agreed a 12.5% temporary reduction in wages for the 2020/21 season. The reduction would be halved if Arsenal make the Europa League.

Aubameyang’s new deal will surely take into account the squad agreement.

So if it is agreed he is to be on £250k a week, he would immediately take the 12.5% reduction, which would take him down to about £220k.

That would be the sensible action to do to ensure squad happiness.

It would be wrong if Arsenal have asked players to take a reduction, and then give Aubameyang a big new deal with no reduction.

You would be annoyed if you were a player sitting there on £100k a week, now earning £12.5k less, then seeing a teammate, who was already paid more than you, receive an extra £70k a week.

Arsenal will have to be clever with the deal, negotiating incentives with Aubameyang. A pay rise in 12 months time. Even a nice signing on fee or end of contract loyalty bonus making up the missing salary.

Today it is Wolves away.

A tough game but 3 points is essential.

Get to together with your mates. Have some beer. Watch The Arsenal. Stay alert. Stay safe.


Arsenal shouldn’t fear losing Aubameyang on a free

Aubameyang is at the peak of his powers. If we sold him in the summer, is there a striker equal to him that we can sign?

Aubameyang is our best striker. Keeping him will allow the club to cash in on Alexandre Lacazette; generating funds to improve the team. Who would you rather upfront? Aubameyang or Lacazette?

Aubameyang signing new contract merely delays him leaving for a free. We would not offer him a big contract, only to sell him in a years time. He would likely sign a 2 year extension, meaning he would leave on a free in 3 years time

Aubameyang is 31 in a few days. Does it really make sense offering a 31-year old huge money to stay for another 3 years? Roll on 24 months, we could be in another Ozil situation where Aubameyang is on huge wages, but his talent is dwindling. Think how quickly Robin van Persie and Alexis Sanchez went downhill after leaving. He is at his peak and will probably fall off a cliff within 24 months.

Aubameyang leaving on a free transfer allows Arsenal to spend big on a replacement. The striker currently costs Arsenal £16m a year in amortised transfer fee (£56m across his 3.5 year deal). £16m across a 5 year means that Arsenal could spend £80m on his replacement without it increasing the clubs annual expenditure. Would you rather give Aubameyang £350k a week, or buy an £80m striker in 12 months time to replace him

Aubameyang and Ozil both leaving on a free in a single summer is good for Arsenal. Combined they reportedly earn £530k a week. That is £27.5m a year. Add in Aubameyang’s amortised transfer fee and the pair cost Arsenal around £43.5m a year. That is more than 10% of the total expenditure. To put that into perspective, 2 new £60m signings on £190k a week for 5 years would also cost Arsenal £43.7m a year.


Alexis Sanchez warning for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

£22,000 per minute.

That is what Alexis Sanchez’s loan deal has cost Inter so far this season.

The Chilean winger is on an enormous £400,000 per week at Old Trafford and Inter are set to pay over £4million over the year long move.

Considering the 31-year-old has only played 186 minutes this season, it has cost the Italian club a staggering £22,000 per minute.

United have had to cover the rest of Sanchez’s wages, meaning they will have spent over £5m on a player that hasn’t played for them this season.

Sanchez’s demise highlights the dangers of giving a huge contract to an ageing player whose best days are coming to an end.

In January 2018, Manchester United thought they had signed a man who would turn them into champions once more, in the same way Robin van Persie scored the goals to drive them to the title following a transfer for Arsenal.

His 18 months in the North-West saw him score just 3 league goals.

The loan deal to Inter Milan was supposed to revitalise his career. Following injury and poor form, Guiseppe Marotta, the chief executive of Inter, does not want to pay the £17.5million it would cost to snap him up on a permanent deal.

It is a warning for Arsenal who are in contract discussion with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Reports at the weekend are that Aubameyang is holding out for a £300,000 a week, a figure that Arsenal are reluctant to match – and seeing the Sanchez situation you can understand why.

Tying up £15.6m a year in a single player a a huge investment that can effect the clubs ability to invest in other players.

Aubameyang turns 31-years-old in the summer and Arsenal will be worried that offering him what he wants could lead to another Mesut Ozil situation.

Ozil has clearly gone downhill since his big contract, and it is a noose around the clubs neck. Arsenal would not want the same to happen to Aubameyang.

There is differences, however, between Aubameyang and Sanchez.

Aubameyang is with Arsenal. The coaches will be watching him day in, day out. They will know his current physical attributes. If he is still putting out the same numbers as he was since he 1st joined. They will know if he is beginning to decline.

It was with similar knowledge that led to Arsenal letting Sanchez go to Manchester United. They would have known he was on the decline. That his explosiveness had gone. His top speed had was not as quick. That his acceleration a little slower.

Armed with all the knowledge on a player, built up over time, Arsenal are able to make a judgement on the player. The difference for Manchester United and Inter Milan is they would not have 2 years of data on the player.

Aubameyang is showing no signs of slowing down – showing that age is nothing but a number. Players do not suddenly his 30 and begin to decline.

Some keep going for years after entering their 3rd decade. Others, like Michael Owen and Fernando Torres, are shot in their late 20s.

Offering Aubameyang a new deal has to still be Arsenal’s preferred option. But they have to protect themselves in the deal.

If Aubameyang wants £300,000 a week, and Arsenal think he is worth that much, the club should try and agree a 2 + 1 deal.

Sanchez’s demise is a warning to clubs offering big contracts to senior players who are reaching the end of their peak.