Arsenal set to receive £150,000,000

Spend some f*****g money has not been heard round the ground for a while. Not due to us not spending much, but more due to the apathy of the protesting fans.

In the summer, it was already a documented disgrace that Arsenal made a profit on transfers.

The club made just two signings:

Sead Kolašinac  – Free transfer
Alexandre Lacazette – £46,500,000

This £46,500,000 spent was offset by over £70,000,000 coming in:

Kaylen Hinds – £2,500,000
Wojciech Szczesny – £10,000,000
Gabriel – £10,000,000
Jon Toral – £3,000,000
Kieran Gibbs – £7,000,000
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – £40,000,000
Donyell Malen – £1,000,000

Already in January we have bought in £12,000,000 selling Francis Coquelin, with £1,800,000 being spent on Konstantinos Mavropanos.

This brings us to £85,500,000 in income, and just £48,300,000 spent.

News broke yesterday that Theo Walcott was on the verge of joining Everton. I imagine this deal will go through – or cause the likes of Southampton and West Ham to revive their interest. Taking into account he is a proven Premier League goal scorer, and with 18 months still to go on his contract, Arsenal are in a position of strength.

I would expect us to bring in between £20-£30,000,000 for Walcott.

We then have Alexis Sanchez.

Arsenal have made it clear that Sanchez will leave, if a replacement is sourced. It would not be surprising to see him go on deadline day, even if a replacement does not come in. Reports are that Arsenal will do business at around the £30,000,000 mark.

If both Walcott and Sanchez leave, that will leave us not too far off £150,000,000 bought in with players leaving – and if no one else joins, a profit of nearly £100,000,000.

And the board wonders why we scream spend some f*****g money


13 thoughts on “Arsenal set to receive £150,000,000

  1. foreverinourshadows

    Why sound so surprise, this trend has been going on for years, Wenger is a fool, the board are a bunch of corrupt greedy bastards. Arsenal have become a joke, I struggle to go to games now, when was the last time you saw a fixture and thought this is three points in the bag for us. Bournemouth tomorrow, remember last season 3-0 down in the first half, every manage knows how to play against Wenger and his failing tactics, the man is a cancer in the club, he is dragging the club through the shit, he is a disgrace and should be sacked and humiliated and told to jog on


    1. Samson Nsengiyumva

      businessmen ruined our Arsenal
      I understand stand you guys are making more money!what about our happiness as fans ?
      If everyone won’t take it any longer and nobody won’t show up at the stadium,would you still make that money? Wenger is a joke we tired of you’ll guys you should fuck off.
      Can’t put a big bid on Big ass players!!!😡


  2. Philbet

    Its a good article with facts and statistics to back it up. Nowhere does it say a football club should be run unprofitabily (?) The owner and the board have the right to invest or not, sad fact but true.
    As for the reply from Foreverinourshadows– its a classic rant from a insubstantial illiterate, who without been given an the benifit of an internet platform to post his irrelevent views would remain somewhere in the ether and more to the point, I would have not wasted 12 seconds of my life reading his rediculous inarticulate contribution to this post.


    1. wayne g


      So he’s illiterate just because he states a point of view you may disagree with? I actually agree 100% Wenger is a cancer on the club and needs to be cut out and binned.

      I know your type! You are the type who probably cries into your pre match upper st latte that leave voters are thick,In fact anyyone who disagrees with you is clearly not as intellectual as you(think)you are,answer me this ,how long have you been supporting our club?are you local?do you remember George Graham?were you at Anfield?If you answered no to any of these your views are irrelevant to me and you are the type of fan many proper arsenal fans have grown to hate..


  3. jw1

    By all effing means! Let’s waste some effing money! Just to waste it! Now!!!!!!
    If there were players out there who would come to the club in January– who weren’t bought and overpaid for– by obscene amounts?

    I could come closer to agreeing.
    But those players aren’t out there at present.

    Let the new guys in the front-office get settled and do what they know.
    Otherwise, tossing cash to satisfy an urge for instant gratification– borders on willful stupiditiy.



    1. Baron

      Ah cmon let’s spend 500 mil on whoever is tabloid flavour of the month and end up with a bag of shite much like the spuds ended up with after they sold bale . Let’s just waste money just so we can keep up with billions spending city to win the league a couple of times . We might challenge or even win the pl if we outspend city , yeah we might financially jeopardise the stability of the solid financial foundations our club is built on to satisfy the petulant wenger our sack the board sell all the players just spend for the sake of spending utter gobshite morons who coin the phrase he doesn’t know what he’s doing blah blah , cos I’m sure after saving the board sacking the players and everyone else they will have a viable plan to move the club forwards …… yeah right


  4. CorporateMan

    Those blokes just love seeing the money sitting down in the banks and yielding interest so they can pay themselves ‘performance’ bonuses at year-end


  5. Ojo babajide

    Provided my club brings in good numbers of replacement for the so willing to go players because we need to strenghten our team as well.pls board go for Grisman.


  6. Ben

    Lol everyone saying let’s get Griezman etc… what makes you think he would want to come to Arsenal in thenstate it’s in now? I know I wouldn’t!

    Malcom, Mahrez, the new Greek Lad ( can’t remeber his name) and maybe a few other signings including a keeper… get wilshire and Ozil new contracts, get rid of Sanchez and Walcott so we can give Ozil a pay rise, put wilshire as captain, and drop Iwobi

    Let the rebuild commence!


  7. Eduardo Dosal Watkins

    I would like that Arsenal could hire Malcolm, Aubemeyang, Drexler and Ter Stegen ( plus de Armenian coming in the trade by Alexis ), If Arsenal has a profit surplus between players sold and Player coming, it is sufficient money to buy them. Also, I think Arsenal can hold Ozil playing with Mustafi, Sead, Drexler and Ter Stegen, he will be happy playing with them. Please let go Alexis, Waicott, Elbany and Debuchy ( not Chambers )



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