Do not worry about lack of transfer movement – it is not just your club have a quiet start to the summer

Morning all.

There really is not much happening at Arsenal at the moment.

The usual ITK’s on social media craving for attention with their fake transfer links. The usual characters who have been at it year after year. You would think they would have got bored / grown up by now.

They must have a cog missing in their brain to still be craving the attention, pretending to speak to agents, etc. Some of them have been at it for years.

Although just as crazy are those that follow them, that think these people know what they are talking about.

It is not just quiet at The Arsenal, but across domestic football.

Bar Emiliano Buendía to Aston Villa and Ibrahima Konaté to Liverpool, there has been no other transfer movement of note.

It is interesting when you venture beyond “Arsenal Twitter” you begin to realise every club has the same complaints.

I see fans of Arsenal, Newcastle, Everton and more moaning that they have not yet signed a player. They act like everyone else has already done a lot of business. The truth is every Premier League club is currently in the same boat, with very little happening.

So basically if you are a fan of Arsenal (or of another club that have stumbled across this blog), do not get your knickers in a twist. No one has really done any business yet.

The Euros is bubbling on.

Scotland have celebrated a 0-0 draw like they had won the thing.

1 point and 0 goals from the first two games. Not sure why their fans are being so boastful? First international tournament for 23 years and they could end up limping out without scoring.

Their fans will point to their “small population” but compare them to what Wales did in 2016. What Iceland have done. And Northern Ireland.

I guess celebrating a 0-0 draw shows why they have struggled for so long at international level.

Spurs still do not have a manager. Still a laughing stock.

Enjoy your week.



1 thought on “Do not worry about lack of transfer movement – it is not just your club have a quiet start to the summer

  1. Mohamed Idris

    Arsenal ‘s position in the league has led everyone to be very worried. Arsenal is a big club and all the big clubs are above Arsenal . Even the clubs like Aston Villa and Leicester are up there. If you are telling us not to worry, who are comparing us with ? the minnows, I don’t get it.



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