Grealish transfer good for English football and could reignite market

This transfer window has been slow. It has stagnated in the last couple of weeks.

Money at most clubs is tight with the majority needing to sell to buy.

The issue is everyone is pretty much in that same position. And with Europe being broke clubs are limited on where they can sell to.

It was always going to take one big transfer to hopefully reignite the window.

Grealish to Manchester City for £100million gives Aston Villa a huge lump of cash in their pocked that they now need to spend.

They have already spent some of it on Danny Ings for a reported £30million from Southampton.

So as the money now filters down, Southampton now have the Ings transfer money that they can spend. And whoever they spend that money on will in turn have more money to spend.

The hope is Southampton might look towards Arsenal to replace Ings, with a £20million deal for Eddie Nketiah a realistic possibility.

Arsenal, having been the 2nd biggest spenders so far behind Manchester United (unless the Grealish deal has gone through at the time of writing) and now need to sell to further invest.

One huge target is James Maddison.

If Arsenal could secure the sale of Nketiah to Southampton, and with a deal for Joe Willock to Newcastle for £25million reportedly close; Arsenal would have a huge chunk of the Maddison fee paid for.

Leicester City are asking for £70million, but a deal closer to £50million including either Ainsley Maitland-Niles or Reiss Nelson could be agreed upon.

Selling Maddison would then revitilise Leicester City – giving them the funds to make further transfers. And it continues…

So whilst Grealish to Manchester City might be seen by some as “an oil club killing football”, the funds coming from it could revitalise the transfer market.

On a side note, I always find it uncomfortable when Manchester City (or Chelsea) are criticised for signing other clubs players and labelled as ruining the game.

Has anyone criticised Aston Villa for poaching Emi Buendia from Norwich City or Ings from Southampton?

There is a transfer food chain. City will sign players from clubs below them. Those clubs will sign players from below them. And so on.

The Grealish deal is good for English football as it will get the money flowing.



4 thoughts on “Grealish transfer good for English football and could reignite market

  1. Podgygooner

    Not good for football at all, just shows how the Dubai Investment Vehicle FC based in Manchester can flagrantly flout FFP rules again and again and again.


  2. Silentstan

    Leicester keep saying they font need to sell nor would want players but dont let that get in your way.
    You also ignore the damaging affect of inflated fees for British players on the overall finances


  3. jw1

    Leicester will be buyers– for a CB– now that Fofana was cut down, suffering a broken leg in Foxes recent ‘friendly’ with Villareal.


  4. Chishimba Bwalya

    I have different view to this. £100 million for Jack Grealish? Just like the Neymar deal to PSG this this will distort market.

    It’s actually cheaper to buy talent outside England than inside.



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