Europe is broke

The reality is, teams across Europe have no money.

Premier League sides have spent a combined £511million so far this summer.

Next up is the Bundesliga and Serie A, who have both spent £81million.

Ligue 1 clubs have spent £213m and La Liga clubs just £111m combined.

Real Madrid and Barcelona currently have huge financial constraints after decades of spending beyond their budgets. And over in Italy Champions Inter Milan are in financial meltdown whilst Juventus are looking at loan deals.

PSG are the only team in France splashing money, whilst German sides are basically spending what they bring in.

This leaves the likes of Arsenal struggling to sell players.

Unless another English club comes in for someone like Granit Xhaka or Hector Bellerin, Arsenal will be forced to accept a small bid (or a loan deal) from a European side if they wish to sell.

Roma’s biggest signing of the season so far is Rui Patricio. The former Wolves keeper moving for £10.35m. They have spent £23million total.

It is not that they are being cheap when it comes to the Xhaka deal. They just do not have the money to sign him.

And the lack of money in Europe is causing headaches to not just Arsenal but also the likes of Chelsea.

When you look at yesterdays game between Arsenal and Chelsea, both teams were littered with players neither club wants but are unable to sell.

Bellerin, Willian, Runarsson, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Drinkwater, Barkley, Zappacosta and Batshuayi.

Every Premier League club is in a similar situation. Half a dozen players that they can not move in.

The problem is most Premier League sides have spent their initial funds. Further funds will only be spent once they move players on.

But Europe is causing a blockage n the system.

West Ham, for example, can not move on their unwanted players which would raise say £20-30m which in turn would allow to buy Ross Barkley. Those funds would then allow Chelsea to go and buy someone from Inter Milan.

Inter Milan would then have more cash which would allow them to come to Arsenal and sign Bellerin.

Football economy works no different than any other economy. You need money to keep things moving. If you have one break in system, the system can collapse.

And that is where we are at.

Clubs need to sell to buy. But no one has any money to buy.

The lack of funds across Europe means sides are struggling to sell players to free up funds and squad space for further investment.



1 thought on “Europe is broke

  1. Jay

    Hope ever critical fans would understand this. Always blaming the coaches and management of ineptitude for what they have no control over. Thanks for bringing this up.



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