Xhaka staying at Arsenal “best of a bad deal”

In recent years we have moaned about under selling players.

Had we sold Granit Xhaka to Roma for just £10million this would have been an awful deal.

Whilst Xhaka’s time at Arsenal should be coming to an end; a sale should only be made if it benefits the club.

£10million for Xhaka would not benefit Arsenal.

The sale of Xhaka would have raised some funds towards replacing the Swiss midfielder. £10m would not find a replacement.

So play out the scenario.

We sell Xhaka on the cheap. As a result we have to look a few rings down the ladder for a replacement. We end up spending more money on someone not as good.

It just would not make sense.

People will be miffed at Xhaka getting a new deal; but once an agreement has been reached that he will stay a new deal is the sensible option.

Xhaka has 2 years left on his current deal.

Were we to keep him and not offer him a new deal his transfer value would plummet next year.

At least with a new deal it gives us a better chance of getting better money next summer.

Xhaka staying might not be what the majority want, but better that he stays than we sell him for £10million. It is the best outcome of a bad deal.



4 thoughts on “Xhaka staying at Arsenal “best of a bad deal”

  1. Seroti

    Just spoke my mind on Xhaka issue, Roma came buying with the mentality of how we gave them Mikitayian for free last time and many big stars we let go for peanut, for once let Xhaka stay or the pay our asking price which is even lower to the market value of the player. Time for Arsenal also to start holding their grounds on seedling players, pay what we want or catch a bus


  2. @TosJ10

    Xhaka should stay put. Could you imaginde Someone that played virtually evey arsenal games to be snatched at such a low price. Let him sign two more years contract.


  3. mogunna

    Couldnt say it better. He was most regular player last Season, all thé Captaincy drama slowed him down before that…


  4. ShamblesFC

    Couldn’t disagree more. I’d be more than happy for him to walk for free just get this absolute joke of a footballer out of Arsenal. He costs us again and again and again. I’d be happy if we paid a club 10 million to take him, he is the most useless footballer I’ve seen for a long long time and he’s just getting worse.. Anyone, and I mean anyone would be an improvement on this waste of space



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