Another weekend without football…

Morning all.

Football returns this weekend following the 2nd international break of the season. The 3rd international break is in about 4 weeks time. I am getting to the point where I would not care if they scrapped itnernational football completely.

So whilst football returns, Arsenal do not actually play until Monday.

We face Crystal Palace at home on monday night; the worst kick off time of them all.

I have never liked the Monday night kick off time. No match going fan enjoys it – whether you are home or away.

If you are at home, which we are lucky enough to be, it means strolling into work onthe tuesday with a hangover (que all the drips who say “just do not drink”) and little sleep. You then have 4 days to get through as your body tries to catch up.

If you are away it is even worse as it can often mean two days off work.

Two days off work for a Monday night game to Liverpool or Hull City for a football game. Usually with no trains home after the game.

Let’s remember the TV companies showed their disgust when the Super League was announced.

Gary Neville et al tried to position themselves as the voice of the fans. Yet they remain silent when it comes to awful kick off times with no trains home. they are hypocrites.

We then play again Friday night; and again that shows how hypocritical those TV companies were over the Super League.

Luckily we are at home, but why on earth have we been scheduled to play on a Monday and a Friday?

Taking away that it does not make for fair competition between teams; it is also not fair for fans.

Fella that sits near me in the ground relocated to Dorset 5 years ago. A sort of semi-retirement. He travels up for every game by train. Into Waterloo then onto Arsenal.

Back to back Monday and Friday games means he can not go to either. Or if he chooses too he will have to spend hundreds on a London hotel and travel home the day after.

One Monday or Friday game on occasion can be “coped with”. But two in the same week? It just shows that TV companies do not care about match going fans. But we already knew that didn’t we.

Yesterday it was announced that their would be a documentary film on Arsene Wenger and his Invincible side hitting the ciniemas on 11th November.

I was suprised by how bitter some people were over this.

The Invincible side was not just a huge part of Arsenal’s history, but a huge part of footballing history. Sir Alex Ferguson, when interviewed for the film, said “the achievement stands above everything else.”

Yet there is a small section of Arsenal fans still hugn up on how it ended with Wenger and seem to refuse to let themselves enjoy the Invincible achievement – or the Double Double.

These sort of fans really are bitter. It probably eats them up from the inside on a daily basis.

In football you take the good days with the bad. The highs and the lows.

Luckily for Arsenal fans there have been more highs throughout the last 35 years than lows. Under George Graham, then Arsene Wenger.

I am always shocked when people say “going invincible was the worst thign that happened to Arsenal”.

imagine hating the greatest achievement in our clubs – nay English football – history because of the way it ended.

I imagine these people that moan are probably still strung up on their misses that left them after 20 years. Only remembering the last 5 years when it was a bit shit rather than the 15 years of great times before that. Still blaming her for everything that is currently wrong in their lives.

Anyway, enjoy a football free weekend and we will see you in Islington on Monday.



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