Caring about the environment and match going fans is just a marketing tool for TV Companies

The cleanest long distance transport are trains.

So you would think that with Sky’s moral compass of “Sky Ocean” and “Sky Zero”, they would ensure every game they show on TV would be scheduled so away fans would not have to drive hundreds of miles.

Considering the outbursts by Gary Neville et al following the European Super League announcement – when Sky Sports anointed themselves as the fans protector of the game – you would think they would put match going fans first.

And considering their commentators have mentioned countless times since crowds returned to football stadiums that match going fans make a huge difference, you think they would ensure games are on at reasonable times.

But we all know Sky TV – and whoever the other TV companies are that have shared the rights over the decades – do not care about match going fans.

And this has been shown once more with the scheduling of Arsenal’s games this season.

One advantage of not playing in Europe (I hoped) was more 3pm Saturday away trips. This follows hardly any in the last 10 years.

And then Sky do what they do best and ruin it for everyone.

5 away games. And only a slim chance of one having a train home.

The Leeds United is that slim chance – the last train leaves Leeds station at 20:16. That will give fans 45 minutes to make the 40 minute walk into Leeds town centre to catch it.

It’s just bollocks.

I’m feed up with it all.

Next time a Pundit talks about the environment or how they are the custodians of the game, I hope everyone reminds them of what their employers choose to do.

Fuck Sky.



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