Hypocritical Liverpool

It’s just hypocritical isn’t it?

Liverpool have got to the semi-final playing massively changed XIs; and then suddenly because Jurgen Klopp has a sniff of his first domestic cup they are requesting the game to be postponed due to “Covid, injuries and the ACoN” meaning they “do not have enough senior players available”.

Earlier this season, against Preston in the League cup, they were happy to ply the likes of N Williams, Phillips, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Dixon-Boner, Morton, Jones, Beck, Blair and Bradley.

I have literally no idea who any of these players are. I am guessing they are all regulars in Liverpool’s PL2 team.

Klopp deemed them ready to play in the League Cup; but now he will be claiming they are not ready.

In the last round – the quarter final – against Premier League Leicester City, they made 8 changes from the side they put out on the Premier League the weekend before.

In total over those two games they used 19 different players.

The majority of the players that played against Leicester had played against Preston and Norwich in the League Cup. And I bet will deem them good enough to play against Shrewsbury Town this weekend.

Klopp was happy putting out a week team last year as he took his team galavanting round the globe to play in the World Club Cup friendly tournament. There were also no calls from Liverpool to postpone a game v Aston Villa when they had around 20 players out with Covid.

Leyton Orient had to forfeit an FA Cup game against Tottenham due to Covid. Liverpool’s PL2 wage bill will be higher than Orient’s.

On Thursday, the game should go on. If Liverpool decide not to put out a youthful team LIKE THEY HAVE DONE ON EVERY ROUND then they should forfeit the tie.

We all know Klopp doesn’t want to play on the League Cup anyway. Given the choice he wouldn’t enter.



6 thoughts on “Hypocritical Liverpool

  1. billy bunter

    Scousers are s*** scared of Arsenal. The other danger is a lot of scousers would stay in London claiming economic asylum.


  2. He’s Jealous

    Which competition it is, Is irrelevant. Liverpool are in the midst of a covid outbreak and sent the players home from training. It is possible, even likely that there will be more cases today and tomorrow. Clubs have postponed fixtures with less cases, it’s a sensible request. Obviously doesn’t stop 5 year olds like yourself looking for any opportunity to have a dig because youre jealous of Liverpools recent success under klopp. Dry your eyes and stop whinging like a child. Write about your battle to climb out of mid-table instead.


    1. Johnno

      Haha. Since we’re only 7 points behind you, maybe you could read about your battle to stay out of mid-table instead. Author is spot on here, it’s total hypocrisy. You’ve disrespected the competition for years but now you want to honour its integrity? What a lot of old bollocks. It just proves that Klopp has already given up on winning the league. You lot asking for the game to be postponed would be similar to us doing it under Wenger. In other words, a fucking Liberty.
      Anyway, other than your games against us, good luck with the rest of your season. Always had a lot of respect for your club but don’t come on here trying to come the cunt. It won’t wash mate.


  3. Dale

    There is one huge, great big, whopper of a flaw in your argument about Liverpool’s team selection. One each occasion Klopp correctly selected a side that was victorious and progressed to the next round.

    I seem recall a certain French Arsenal manager starting this trend, but hey-ho if you want to spout nonsense go right ahead, it shows how little you really know.


  4. Jonah

    Crikey, if you really don’t know who Divock Origi, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez are you really shouldn’t be on the internet. Among the players that you “literally have no idea” is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, I’m not sure how long ago you first came across football, but he used to play for you guys. 😂



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