North London Derby fall out continues as pundits embarrass themselves in criticism of Arsenal

And the fall out of the Premier League accepting Arsenal’s request to postpone the North London Derby continues.

We have Jamie Carragher tweeting that Arsenal will be “all ok for Liverpool on Thursday”.

The muppet completely ignoring that the only reason Arsenal are facing Liverpool on Thursday is because the Scousers had 13 billion to one false positives which got the first leg postponed.

Then we have his Sky Sports colleague Gary Neville.

In between his political ramblings and announcement that he had joined the Labour Party, he took the time out to say ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to postponements.

Why it has taken him until the 20th game to be postponed is beyond me. His silence on the previous 19 games – from Tottenham to Manchester United, Leicester and Wolves – is telling.

Ian Wright was right when he said Neville only cares now as it has disrupted the Sunday TV show he was being paid to host.

I bet if the game was at 3pm on Saturday, like Burnley v Leicester City was due to be, Neville would not utter a word.

In fact we know he would not utter a word because he didn’t. All this Covid postponement talk only came after Arsenal requested the Spurs game to be postponed. Not after Leicester City got their 4th game, and 2nd in a row since putting out a team in the FA Cup, postponed.

Then you have Jamie O’Haha.

He decided to dig out Arsenal for not plying their academy (note: he never questioned why others didn’t play academy players). He baited Arsenal fans who then piled in, then proceeded to delete his Twitter account.

On his return he took his time to talk about mental health and criticise Arsenal fans behaviour.

This is a fella that now earns a living trying to get a rise out of people and make outlandish statements for attention.

Maybe if he can’t handle getting it, he should dish it out on a national radio station.

And then we go onto Spurs fans.

The irony of Spurs fans crying for the last 48 is that they got the ball rolling on postponements. they were the ones that begged the Premier League to postpone their game against Brighton in December.

It is literally their fault the Arsenal game was postponed. Had they not asked for the Brighton game to be postponed and just got on with it, it would’ve set a precedent and every other side would’ve just cracked on.

And finally we have the countless written journalists calling Arsenal out.

Like Neville, they were silent on the other 19 games postponed. Is it that 20 games is too many? Or is it because it is Arsenal?

Micah Richards is the only man who dared go against the grain and make the point that it is not Arsenal’s fault the game has been postponed; but the Premier League’s fault.

Hey opened the flood gates, created the rules, and now it’s members are taking advantage of it.

The Premier League should never have let Spurs postpone the game. They should have forced them to play like they did Arsenal at the beginning of the season.

It has been forgotten that in the opening 3 games of the season, Arsenal had to play on despite having numerous Covid cases.

Had we requested a delay of the Brentford game, it would probably have been rejected.

Opening game of the season. Friday night. Brentford back in the top League in their new stadium.

Arsenal lost that game and Jamie Carragher was jumping in the crowd celebrating. He failed to mention Covid at any point.

In other news. Fans need to learn the offside rule.

We saw it in Chelsea v Tottenham and again in West Ham against Leeds.

The rule is not that you the attacking player has to be behind the last defender, it is that there needs to be 2 defensive players between the attacking player being passed to abs the goal.

For Chelsea, Kepa showed great awareness by over committing and ensuring he caught Harry Kane offside.

Leeds’ Rodrigo was also about a yard offside when the ball hit him and went in. Those Leeds fans claiming it was not offside as he was level with the defender need to give their head a wobble.

Even Gary Lineker showed his lack of understanding in the rules:

And for those who then doubled down by saying “but he wasn’t interfering with play. The ball was going in” – if the goal was allowed to stand it would have been given to Rodrigo; the man in the offside position.

If scoring a goal is not interfering with play I don’t know what is!

Have a good Monday and stay warm.



2 thoughts on “North London Derby fall out continues as pundits embarrass themselves in criticism of Arsenal

  1. Ben

    For the Leeds offside, didn’t it take a deflection off a West Ham player?

    So the shot was going in (and had it gone straight in, there would have been no interfering with play and no offside).

    But a West Ham player moved to block it, causing it to deflect. It still would have gone in regardless but grazed a Leeds player on an offside position as it did.

    For me, that deflection means it shouldn’t be offside. Leeds gained no advantage from the offside position and West Ham suffered no disadvantage. Substance over form – it’s harsh to
    make it offset. And the deflection and its nature allows it to be considered onside by the laws.


  2. Johnno

    Spot on, absolutely spot on. Amazing how all these cunts come out the woodwork when it’s The Arsenal involved. You hear fuck all from them when it’s anybody else. I suppose we should take it as a compliment really. Despite having been in decline for a good 15 years, they can’t stop fucking thinking about us. I reckon a few of them are getting a bit worried, they can see we’re starting to turn the corner and building something. Fuck ‘em, I never liked being liked anyway. Sooner everyone starts hating us again the better as far as I’m concerned.
    Don’t agree with ANY of these postponements, no need for ANY of them but glad to see our club standing up for itself and refusing to be trampled on and treat unfairly. I’m all for us showing a bit of class and doing things “The Arsenal Way” but we cant let cunts take liberties.



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