The end of MrDT should also spell the end for AFTV

So I thought it was time to address the elephant in the room. AFTV and Liam Goodenough (AKA MrDT’s) incarceration.

For the majority of us, the behaviour of Goodenough (the irony of that name!) comes as no surprise.

On social media, he always came across as a bully. This probably stemmed from him being bullied as a child. This is highlighted by who hewould try to bully and abuse on Twitter – mainly women and children.

He was a narcissist and rumours of previous domestic abuse incidents had circled for years.

Being an egotistical narcissist and a bully, his online persona was always going to explode his offline life at some point. And it finally happened as he was sentenced for 3 years after stalking, assaulting and kidnapping a woman.

This sentence would not count to a surprise for many – bar AFTV it seems.

Rumours had been circulating since last October he was in prison for domestic violence.

The official line was that he was taking a “break from social media” due to his mental health, but it is now clear he had been held on remand from August until his trial.

In November, I found details of his trial on the Law Pages.

He had plead guilt on November 5th in Aylesbury Crown Court.

So we knew the rumours were right. He was in prison. Only thing we did not know is what for. Domestic abuse, assault and kidnapping was the unconfirmed rumour.

It was strange that details of the case had not been released. They would usually be picked up in the crime pages of the newspaper local to the court. But there was radio silence.

There are a few reasons why this happens. The case involved vulnerable people, or someone a victim that didn’t want to be named. Or the sentence had been appealed by the prosecution.

It turns out it was the later.

After Christmas, having spent around 5 or 6 months in jail, he was released from his original 12 month sentence early on tag and with a curfew. This is what allowed Goodenough to be at the Manchester City game.

Those tweets sent during his team in jail were probably sent by a family member when they went to visit. An attempt to hoodwink the world.

On 13 January the Court of Appeal reheard the case and his sentence was extended from 12 months to 3 years.

Now the fall out.

Firstly we have his fan boys who have come out defending him; saying him we should not be criticising him but offering him help.

He assaulted and kidnapped a woman. Threatened her with a knife and used his young son as leverage. This is not a person that deserves our sympathy.

Secondly we have the statement from AFTV.

They released yesterday a laughable statement saying they “didn’t know” what was happening.

Well I knew what was going on, as did many others. So for them to say they did not know what was happening is a bare-faced lie.

But let’s play along.

They might not have known what happened this time; but they knew what type of person Goodenough was.

He had previously spent time in jail and spent much of his time arguing and abusing people on Twitter. I lost count how many times he threatened to Arsenal fans with violence. Said he would “see them” at a game.

Despite countless threats of violence, including to myself, AFTV continually gave Goodenough a platform.

So they might not have known specifically about this incident, but they would have known he was an unhinged bully who often threatened violence.

And it was not just him.

They also have a platform to Lee Gunner.

Gunner (it is actually his second name) is a lightweight version of Goodenough.

Lee and Liam. Formally best mates but fell out of money after both forgot their receipts on an expensive away trip to Eastern Europe. Robbie refused to compensate them without receipts, they had a barney and it ended up with Lee leaving AFTV.

Lee was also one that often threatened others with violence.

I was once sent DMs of him and someone else discussing how to obtain an Arsenal fans address.

Numerous times Lee would post up peoples addresses on Twitter. And their places of work and family names. They would be followed with threats of violence of violence.

Once he put up my postcode and said he would “be knocking at my door in half an hour”. Of course, he never turned up. Cowards do not.

This was in around 2016 when Gunner was trying to break through on AFTV. Robbie was more heavily involved in running his social media then. He would have known that his new kid on the block spent his time threatening others on social media. Yet he gave him a platform.

Then we have Claude (RIP).

Claude liked a drink. And when he had one he went dark on Twitter.

On one occasion, he threatened to “cut my throat” on my Twitter. He also said that “a nasty accident” would come my way and he would “silence” me.

This was all in 2016 prior to his “suicide attempt”.

AFTV gave him a platform for 5 years after despite knowing he had threatened to slit my throat. Despite him having clear and obvious mental health issues.

It is very clear that AFTV did not care about the behaviour of their “regulars” as long as the hits rolled in.

Liam, Claude, Lee and others spent half a decade threatening Arsenal fans. Bullying them. Throwing racist and sexist audiences. Yet Robbie kept giving them a platform as he earned his money.

It took sponsors to walk away for him to get rid of Claude.

Even if we believe the AFTV did not know that Goodenough was a violent domestic abuser, they would have known about his character and his previous actions online; as well as others actions online.

Robbie clearly does not care about an individuals character as long that person makes him money. It is only when that money stops rolling in that he cares.

And that is why the end of “MrDT” should also be the beginning of the end for AFTV.

AFTV was built on abuse. It’s contributors were encouraged to be angry and aggressive. The rants, the abuse to Wenger.

It is clear that Robbie was happy with how “stars” getting into arguments on social media as this gave them and him attention. More followers, more hits and more money.

You can’t continually give a platform to violent abusers and then pretend you have no knowledge of their behaviour when it hits the fan.

Play with fire, eventually you will get burned.

And the drama isn’t over. The spawn of Liam has already said it isn’t over and he will “have his say on a video on YouTube”. I bet it is monetised. His football club has also stated “there are 2 sides to every story” showing that no one involved has any remorse.

Goodenough plead guilty to stalking, assault and kidnapping. He will serve 3 years at her majesties pleasure. He won’t be missed over The Arsenal.



10 thoughts on “The end of MrDT should also spell the end for AFTV

  1. Johnno

    Hate all this cancel culture but sponsors have withdrawn for far less. No doubt Robbie is in full damage control right now. As for DT, not in the least bit surprised. Bullies like to threaten people but invariably end up taking their frustrations out on women or kids.
    On a lighter note, the idea of Goodenough, Gunner and Claude dishin out the threats is hilarious, you must have pissed yourself laughing? 3 absolute cunts, hope Liam and Lee go the same way as daft Claude.


    1. Joe 71

      “hope Liam and Lee go the same way as daft Claude.”
      WOW…What a very intelligent comment Johnno, keep it up!! Hey Keenos, you accuse AFTV of giving platform to miscreants yet your hatred is also spawning the same on your own site. Hoping that people die (and not allowing the dead to actually rest in peace) is no different to what your supposed accusers are doing. Stop your jealousy of AFTV, may be you will also get there one day.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kman

    Bravo, bravo…finally, a platform highlighting the frauds that AFTV really are…cynical, negative, bullying abusers.

    The sooner that site implodes along with it’s cretins, the better the atmosphere around the Arsenal will improve.


  3. Anonymous Gunner

    Come on while he was undoubtly a bit of a twat and agressive, let’s not pretend like any of us thought he would be involved in an assuault, kidnapping and stalking charge, and frankly this post seems to motivated not by giving due attention to the serious charges levelled on him and support for the victim, but rather you disliking AFTV and using this to support your opinion against AFTV

    For the record I don’t like AFTV much at all, their was a time back 4 years ago when I used to watch their videos, but I’m happy to say i’ve outgrown the show. None of the scandals that have hit AFTV in recent years have particularly helped its image as a brand or inviting it to others.

    As for your post have you particuarly offered any evidence of any of your claims? For example “Throwing racist and sexist audiences.” or the claims of you being threatened. I would suggest at least in the latter case you report it to the relavant authorities, if you do have them.

    Also just for the record if you want to take domestic abuse seriously please don’t retweet jokes about the abuser being worried about things happeneing in the shower. Jokes about rape aren’t okay.


  4. Safehands Chris

    Although a different issue entirely, there was also Moh (I think that was his name) who was told to leave AFTV because of his views he put on social media about Palestine.

    It just seems that the angry views of those being interviewed are of similar character in that, if you disagree with their opinion, they have to resort to threats of violence because they don’t have the cognitive function to back up their argument. AFTV are a stain on our club as it only appears to be the insane and opposition fans who watch their stuff!


  5. Mani Thangadurai

    I DESPISE AFTV and have nothing but respect for those people who disavow or have disavowed it and done their own thing.
    But in saying that, I also keep my distance from Lee Gunner. HE also comes across as being rather toxic and I only watch his videos for interviews with a couple of really good mates of mine who (sadly) appear on his channel.


  6. Kenny

    Everyone has skeletons and everyone does things they regret eventually. But Robbie could not foresee the future with DT etc. To call him out for that is laughable.

    I also constantly laugh at how people who don’t watch the show seem to think that it’s out there to promote negativity. They have been soundly behind Arteta even when I was not, and this season are all smiles and happy and want to see the team succeed. The fact that the channel has only continued to grow lays to rest the argument that they only get clicks when they lose.

    Also, the channel is much more than fan cams. Go check out Graham and James do a tactical insight show. Tune into one of their daily shows. Or see what Robbie is doing with Expressions from Sp**s on “Best of Enemies”. Yes..the fan cams are a major part but what do you expect from fans whose emotions are raging (good and bad) and had a few beers watching a game? Yes some of it was over the top but show me one Arsenal fan who wants to go back to those last 5 years with Wenger and I’ll show you a liar.

    I think everyone who revolutionizes something gets hate from people due to jealousy. And Robbie revolutionized the fan interaction with our clubs of choice. But like in EVERY other business, there WILL be shoddy aspects that come as part of it all.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Could not have predicted DT’s behaviour? He spent 5 years offering to meet people outside the ground at games, getting very aggressive on social media with anyone that dare disagree with him. His aggression on camera was no an act. He showed huge narcissistic personality disorder.

      People high in narcissism are especially likely to act aggressively when they are provoked, insulted, humiliated, shamed, criticized, or threatened by others. But they need not be provoked to attack.

      He had already done time prior to the latest offence. Anyone who says “Robbie could not have foreseen the future” is clearly deluded by the truth. He was always a ticking time bomb that would eventually step over the wrong side of the legal line, again.



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