TV games and transfer speculation – New year same BS

The one silver lining of not being in Europe was supposed to be more Saturday 3pm games. It has not happened.

The TV companies have just released their next batch of games. All 3 of our March fixtures will now be on the tele.

By the time we have played Aston Villa at the end of March we would’ve had 26 league games.

Of those 26 games, just 4 would have been Saturday 3pm.

It also feels like we have played at 4:30 on a Sunday more this season than any other. It’s a horrible kick off time.

At least when we were in the Europa League you knew the justification of playing on a Sunday. But with no European football, just four Saturday 3pm games is ridiculous.

When it came to the European Super League, Sky tried to position themselves as a “voice for match going fans” but since that debacle they have shown time and again that they don’t care.

It is time the Premier League took back control of the scheduling and restricted how many times a side can be on TV.

Football is not a TV show. It is not a soap opera or light entertainment.

In other news, Arsenal social media is in melt down over a player we were heavily linked with not joining.

When will people learn? Stop reading the bullshit newspapers and blogs who make up transfer speculation for hits. Don’t watch Skys “Transfer Centre” where two clowns pretend to have the inside scope.

If you don’t buy into the speculation, you will not get upset when we do not buy a player.

We are linked with 100+ players a year. It takes up a lot of energy if you are going to be angry when we do not sign one of them.

Transfers are not as easy as Football Manager makes out.

You have to agree the fee with the club, the wages with a player and agent. And then encourage the player to pack his bags and leave wherever he currently is to join you. In many cases this involves a player moving abroad.

Newcastle fans will quickly find out that money isn’t everything. Players (and their wives and girlfriends) might not want to move to the North-East.

And whilst London is the greatest city on earth, not everyone wants to move here.

Stop using your energy obsessing over transfers and just get excited when the player is holding the shirt.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve blogged my frustration about TV games or ITK’s and their endless transfer speculation.

Have a good Thursday.



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