Arsenal season ticket price set to increase by “more than 4%”

Unlike in 2016, we have been told that this increase is “set in stone” and the club will not be changing their mind.
The additional 4% just feels out of touch. Borderline greedy.

From next season, Arsenal are set to increase ticket prices by 4%.
Season ticket holders will be further hit as the club are also set to scrap the deduction given to fans following our failure to qualify for Europe in 2021/22.
Prices will further increase if the club qualify for the Champions League rather than the Europa League.
The 4% increase will be applied to the individual ticket prices, which season tickets then take their price from.
In 2016/17, the last Arsenal played in the Champions League, the cheapest season ticket price was £1,014.
The 4% increase will see that go up to £1,054.
Without Champions League football, the same season ticket cost an Arsenal fan £891. This season without any European football it was under £700.
Now a less scrupulous blogger would have had the title as “Arsenal set to increase ticket prices by over 40%” but I understand that we have had a discount over the last 5 seasons due to the European competition (or lack of) that we are in.
Arsenal have frozen (or reduced) season ticket prices for the last 7 seasons. There was a plan to increase prices for the 2016/17 season, but this was scrapped following fan pressure.
An argument could be made that after 7 years of frozen prices, alongside the increase across the board in goods in the UK, a 4% increase has to be expected.
Yes, the cost of operations to run a match day at the Emirates had increased – match day staff wages have gone up, the cost of goods have gone up, etc – and there are plans to rebrand and revitalise the stadium. But you have to question whether a 4% increase is really justified considering the clubs increase in revenue elsewhere.
We have heard on numerous occasions how the “increased commercial deals will ease the burden on match going fans”.
In in 2020, Arsenal saw a 29% increase in commercial revenue, the second largest commercial growth among Europe’s richest clubs..
In recent years we have also seen a 34% increase in overseas TV rights.
The 4% increase will result an increase in revenue of around £4million to the club. That is less than what the club reportedly paid Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to disappear to Barcelona.
Taking into account every person in England is going to see an increase in mortgage payments, utility bills, food, insurance and general cost of living, the 4% increase does feel out of touch.
The club do not need an additional £4million. And whilst an extra ~£50 a year will not break the bank, it is the principle of the situation.
Reading the room, another year of freezing the prices would have won a lot of fans over. They would have bitten the “natural” increase of being back in Europe and prices returning to what they were pre-covid.



2 thoughts on “Arsenal season ticket price set to increase by “more than 4%”

  1. TH14

    Stan Kroenke is set to receive $700m from participating in this weekends superbowl. So coming towards the back end of a pandemic when jobs were lost at the club, Stanley thinks the match day fan with their own cost of living issues should pay for the increases in match day costs to cover all Arsenal FCs additional overheads. Another out-of-touch billionaire.



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