More Martinelli, Lacazette and Corners

The controversy over Gabriel Martinelli’s double yellow card continues to roll on.

In one corner you have the sticklers for the rules. Those saying it was the correct decision as the FA’s laws of the game side with the referee.

In the other corner you have those pointing out that if the decision was correct, it would happen a lot more than once a decade.

I am a fence sitter on the situation….

Arsenal should have no complaints about the yellow card. Michael Oliver made the right call. But where they should have complaints is how often referees fail to give a second yellow card when a player commits a second bookable offence following their first.

In todays game, if a player kicks a ball away having committed a cautionable foul, I will be expecting the referee to issue two yellow cards.

If a player shows dissent following a foul which warrants a yellow card, it will now be 2 yellows and off.

Of course, this will not happen this weekend. The referees will use their own brain, dish out one yellow card and let the game continue.

And that is where us Arsenal fans are right in their complaints.

Oliver acted within the rules, but no other referee in recent history has followed the same rule.

It is a bit like going 72mph on a motorway.

No one has ever been pulled over doing that speed. No one ever will do in the future. So you will feel a little aggrieved when you are the one pulled over and fined.

You do not have a leg to stand on as you were doing over the speed limit. But you will be frustrated as you know it has not happened before to anyone and will not happen again.

What Arsenal should perhaps do is have a meeting with the PGMOL and question them as to why similar incidents have not led to a similar outcome. Provide video evidence of such incidents. Get them to explain themselves.

But we know the PGMOL is an arrogant bunch who defend themselves.

All they will do is state that Oliver was correct in his decision making, and they have no comment to make on hundreds of other incidents where two cautionable separate incidents happen at the same time.

What always frustrates me – and I would imagine most managers and clubs- is that if you call out a referee or the PGMOL, you end up the one fined or suspended.

How can you have a group that are unanswerable for their actions to anyone but themselves?

Anyway we move on…

A few have criticised Alexandre Lacazette for missing his one on one. What I would say is it is tremendous goalkeeping.

The Wolves keeper came out, made himself big and narrowed down the angle. He was in the perfect position to increase his chances of a save.

Sometimes instead of criticising a player for not scoring, credit should be given to the keeper for some great work.

The last thing to come out of the Wolves game was our defending at corners.

We are the only club this season yet to concede a goal from a corner.

For that, Arteta and his team need to take a lot of credit.

Arsenal have no game this weekend due to Chelsea playing in some friendly tournament. So relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a good one.



1 thought on “More Martinelli, Lacazette and Corners

  1. Atid

    If we are saying Michael Oliver was correct and applied the laws, then why the hell didn’t he stop the play for the foul throw?

    I am sorry but for me it was one passage of play. Regardless that there was 2 fould by the arsenal player and a foul throw by the wolves player he waved play on until the 3rd incident and then reduced 2 yellows.



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