Good weekend for Arsenal – Despite not playing

When with West Ham getting a late equaliser against Leicester City, it was still a great weekend for The Arsenal – even though we did not play.

Manchester United drew, Tottenham lost, then late on Sunday the Hammers failed to win.

In the race for the top 4, Wolves were the only weekend winners – beating Spurs in the process.

It highlights just why Arsenal players celebrated Thursday’s hard-fought 1-nil win in Wolverhampton with 1-men so enthusiastically.

As it stands, Arsenal are 6th with 39 points. Wolves a place below with 37 having played a game more.

Had Wolves come out on top last Thursday, they would now sit 4 points ahead of us.

Arsenal won, and top 4 is now in our own hands.

A lot has been said this season about games in hand.

It doesn’t seem too long ago that Manchester United had a couple of games in hand on Arsenal. Now the situation is reversed – with Arsenal a point behind but with 2 in hand.

We do need to be careful counting the games in hands as wins however. That was the downfall for Man U fans.

The first game in hand is next Thursday at home to Wolves. We host Brentford in between.

It is important that we get 6 from 6 in those two games, further distancing Wolves and potentially leapfrogging us into 4th.

After playing Wolves, we re-gain our game in hand as our fixture against Liverpool is postponed due to them playing in the League Cup.

That will mean that come the end of February, we will be back to having multiple games in hand. But those postponed games are against Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea.

We need to prepare for the worst and can not assume any of them will lead to 1, let alone 3, points.

Getting through Brentford and Wolves should ensure that we are top 4. That will mean we do not need to rely on winning our games I hand to fire us back into the top 4.

Arsenal are the form team of those chasing the final Champions League stage.

A few pundits have said “no one wants top 4” as everyone seems to be stumbling. But in the last 7 games Arsenals record reads: W 5 D 1 L 1.

We are on a good place right now; we just need to take those games in hand of the equation and keep above the rest.



1 thought on “Good weekend for Arsenal – Despite not playing

  1. jw1

    Let the media allow Arsenal to ‘fly under their radar’. Less said or printed/published the better.
    At the start of this season– and certainly after 3 matches– had anyone offered this position to Arsenal fans– there would have been few refusals.



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