Hopefully the Emirates roof does not blow off


Are we just becoming a civilisation of pussies?

Firstly it was stay at home because you might catch a cold, now its stay at home because there is a little bit of wind.

I have got in this office this morning. There is no more wind than under my covers when I have had a curry and a few beers.

Hopefully a little bit of wind and rain does not postpone any games tomorrow. This is England. We should be used to it. I remember the days before undersoil heating when we would play on pitches of snow.

There was a famous game between Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow at White Hart Lane in 1945.

Reports of the time tell a story of fog so thick that the goal keepers could barely see their goal posts.

At one point in the game Dynamo had 12 men on the pitch, and Arsenal had 11 despite having a man sent off. Reports of thuggery and violence in the dense fog which went unseen by the referee.

If we can play in those conditions, we can play in a bit of wind.

Prior to Brentford there is a bit of Arsenal news floating about, mainly concerning the stadium.

Through the mid-week Fans Forum, we have been informed that the legends wrap around the stadium will be replaced.

Rumours are it is going to be replaced with giant digital screens – the type of which are at Piccadilly Circus.

This should not be a surprise. We are seeing train stations do away with poster adverts. Digital screens are becoming the norm.

It will allow the club to change what it shows on the screens depending on the game. There are some saying it will lead to adverts, but that might infringe on the naming deal with Emirates.

Arsenal will also embark on a 40-week project repairing the leaky roof. Hopefully it does not blow off in all this wind

It is easy to forget that our stadium is now 16 years old.

In an era where everything is moving so fast, it has quickly become outdated.

Compare the Emirates Stadium to that of the LA Rams and it looks a long way behind the times. But remember, in 2006, the iPhone had not even been released.

Anyway, tomorrow feels like our first league home game in forever – our last was at the end of January against Burnley.

Hopefully the wind and rain does not play a factor and we get the 3 points needed to continue our march towards next seasons Champions League.

Stay safe out their today boys and girls. It’s a bit windy.



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