Henry and Wright: “They” and “We”

Today will be my first home game since the Manchester City game on New Years Day.

A 4 year old birthday party kept me out of the Burnley game and I skipped the Liverpool game with all the Covid movements.

The morning has got off to a flying start. I lost 6 fence panels across all 3 sides of the garden. No naked sunbathing for me for a while. The garden is now cleared and safe. Just need to order replacement panels.

Hope you all stayed safe out there yesterday and did incur too much damage!

Plan for the day is simple:


I was not really into the Khan Brook fight when it was announced. Two ageing boxers who have not been relevant for years duping fans into getting one last PPV pay day.

But having seen the Gloves Are Off, there is still genuine hatred between the two. It could be explosive.

Undercard is poor so the worry is if I drink too much at the game, I might fall asleep before the fight. Can someone call me when the ring walks happen?

Thierry Henry has come out and said some rubbish about Arsenal.

The fella is a legend for what he did on the pitch. But recently he has become a bitter man off it – often criticising the club.

He showed his cards when he backed Daniel Elk of Spofity in his “takeover attempt”. that was always doomed to fail.

It was during that period that Henry began heavily criticising the club – clearly trying to paint the world of Arsenal as a dark, negative place so that he and Elk could ride in and offer hope.

Mikel Arteta dealt with Henry’s comments perfectly by refusing to comment of them. There is no point entering a war of words. arteta knows that.

At this point Henry is in the gutter, taking pot shots at Arteta and Arsenal every few weeks on behalf of whoever is paying him. Meanwhile Arteta is keeping his head held high, driving us forward.

Goalscorers | History | News | Arsenal.com

It is interesting to see the difference between Henry and Ian Wright.

Henry goes down the negative route by saying “For me, if they don’t do it…then it will be a failure.””. Whilst Wrighty says “I think we are going to do it.”

It is also tellign that Henry now talks about Arsenal using “they” and Wright uses “we”.

One will always be one of us. And deserves the next statue – a blog for another day.

Enjoy the day. Cheer us to victory. Have a beer or 8. And do not fall asleep for the boxing.



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