Chelsea fans were happy to celebrate the success bought by dirty money; now they must suffer the consequences

Care free wherever you may be, dirty money bought Chelsea history.

My take on Chelsea is their fans were happy to take Roman’s grubby money as he bank rolled them to success, without a care where that money came from.

Now they have the consequence of losing everything.

For all those saying “we must think of the fans” and that it is “unfair on them”. Well it was unfair on the fans of every other club in England when they were being bank rolled as a money laundering exercise.

It has been well known for over a decade that Abramovich made his billions in very questionable ways.

Chelsea fans continually turned a blind eye to where that money came from as long as the success rolled in. They laughed when other fans said it could all end in tears, and now they are crying for their dear leader in twitter.

They are saying the UK government has stolen the club from Roman, whilst celebrating success bought with money stolen from the Russian people.

In buying Chelsea Football Club and gifting them £1.5bn, Abramovich bought himself millions of supporters from around the globe. They have become his own personal on army, defending him on social media.

It is all very grubby indeed.

I am just glad that when Alisher Usmanov came calling, he was rejected by the majority of the Arsenal fans.

‘Love Arsenal; Hate Usmanov’ was once displayed in the Emirates Stadium during his early association with the club.

In the 2010s, when the club was struggling for success, Usmanov rode in with his open letters and offers to bank roll the club.

Whilst the likes of Piers Morgan supported Abramovich-style investment, it was rejected by the board. We stood firm. We wanted to build a successful team the right way.

And here we are now, watching an exciting young time grow together. Arsenal is great place to be right now. Fresh hope is on the horizon.

Chelsea fans were happy to cheer the name of a man who has done some atrocious things to get rich. Now they will suffer the consequences.



2 thoughts on “Chelsea fans were happy to celebrate the success bought by dirty money; now they must suffer the consequences

  1. Johnno

    Usually have sympathy with the supporters at times like this but Chelsea fans have openly celebrated the fact that their success has been built on a Russian Gangster. They didn`t give a fuck about the misery Abramovich caused (and is still causing) to gain his wealth and now they`ll have to live with the consequences. Just like the rent boy, they sold their arris for a bit of silver, they can`t now cry and look for sympathy because their sphincter muscle has collapsed. Couldn`t happen to a nicer club or fanbase… apart from Spurs.
    Chelsea should be folded, the fans can then start a new club in its place in the bottom tier of English football`s pyramid. Justice done.
    Bye Bye Chelsea. You won`t be missed.


  2. Onegooner

    No one respects Chelsea, same as Man City. You bought your success you didn’t earn it. Now all I can do I sit back and watch karma smack them in their smug faces. Chelsea deserve every single thing coming their way. Hahahahahahaha



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