Lunchtime kick offs normalise 8am drinking

Morning all.

Saturday lunch time kick offs are the worse. Especially for away fans.

I did home and away for years before Covid and there was nothing worse than having to drag yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning to get to Euston for a lunchtime kick off somewhere up north.

Your head would still be banging from those Friday night post-work beers, and then at 8:30am you were cracking open the beverage of your choice on a train.

I remember a trip to Wigan a few years back.

We had to get the 6:30 out of Euston. I sat down and opened my first beer before the train had left. Then a women with here new born sat next to me. What a culture clash. Still managed to have a few on the way up there but did get off the train wondering about my life.

I have lost count the amount of looks of disgust we have had as we sit on an early morning train with about 30 beers as we head to Newcastle, Manchester or Birmingham.

These early kick offs don’t suit anyone bar those fans who watch on TV somewhere east of Europe.

I was disappointed to read about an incident that happened during the Liverpool game mid week.

Arsenal have a long history of combatting racism, and we are the most diverse club in world football.

I hope whoever commutes the shameful act described above is found and banned for life. They are not wanted over The Arsenal. They are not Arsenal.

So today for me, due to not currently going to away games, I will be doing a few chores before sitting down to watch the game with my meal deal. Then probably back out to the garden to clear it up and reopen that garden bar

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3 thoughts on “Lunchtime kick offs normalise 8am drinking

  1. lennythelodger

    we have never had a problem with racism down the arsenal. if this is true, it is a really sad day for the club. would love to have seen this muppet abuse D or many others, back in the 80s.


  2. jw1

    Look to the west and consider those of us waking for 6:30am or earlier kickoffs. Had to fight the good fight yesterday– to be released from a hospital following a 2pm procedure– in order to be in front of my TV this morning!

    I did my part. Now– c’mon you Gunners!

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  3. Silentstan

    Shame some Neanderthals are unable to watch football without alcohol, and you expect sympathy for your early morning plight. Get some perspective on life



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