Does Arteta need to more aggresive towards international managers?

Kieran Tierney is out for the season.

Frustratingly, the brittle Scotsman played 180 minutes for his country during the international break and has returned requiring knee surgery.

He was one of just 3 outfield players to play the full 180 minutes for Scotland, and questions really need to be asked.

Why did Andy Robertson play just 58 minutes and was then left out of the second friendly? Did Scotland have a deal with Liverpool that he would play no more than 60 minutes? And is it this deal that led Tierney to be overplayed? And why were Arsenal not offered the same courtesy?

You also have to question the legitimacy of an international friendly break just as we are hitting the business end of the season.

With Premier League, European and domestic cups reaching their crucial run in, should there really have been an international break at the end of March? Any player picking up an injury would likely be ruled out for the season. For what? So an international side can play Ivory Coast or Austria?

We have lost Tierney due to pointless friendlies.

Maybe in the future we should take a leaf out Liverpool and Chelsea’s book.

Kyle Walker was left out of the England squad by Gareth Southgate, then suddenly Reece James and Trent Alexander-Arnold both pulled out “injured”. The pair have since played for their clubs…

Maybe Mikel Arteta needs to be a bit more aggressive with international players? Pick them, but do not play them every minute. Or they will be pulled out injured.

In other not really breaking news, the last few TV games have finally been announced, and Sky Sports once again show that they do not care.

Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle has been moved to a Monday night – meaning two days off work for any fan that wants to travel up there.

Gary Neville – who spoke up so passionately for match going fans when the European Super League bollocks happened – has been silent. It shows he, and Sky, were only really against the ESL because they were not invited to the party.

Neville, nor Sky, care about fans. They only care about the viewing figures.

Sky currently have a documentary on their platform about the European Super League and how “greed is killing the game”. I really look forward to part two of the documentary on how TV companies are killing the game for match going fans with their scheduling. Of course it will never happen.

The joke is some drip from a certain fans channel has been paid to advertise the Sky Doc. But the clip used is part of a larger rant where he tells people to cancel their Sky subscriptions and stream.

It just shows how peoples morals quickly change when there is a pound note on the table.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



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