What is rarer than a Tottenham trophy win?

Arsenal playing at home at Saturday 3pm!

I jest, this is our 3rd Saturday 3pm game in Islington this season. Tottenham have not won a trophy in 14 years. We have played at home on a Saturday 3pm at least 40 times in that period!

It is another big weekend of football and I am already buzzing – mainly because WE HAVE A SATURDAY 3PM HOME GAME!

Tottenham are away to Aston Villa.

Villa are in awful form so I do not expect Spurs to drop anything in Birmingham. But in what has been a crazy season anything could happen!

Likewise Arsenal should wipe the floor with Brighton. But it feels like they have been a bit of a bogey team for us in recent seasons.

The race for top 4 will continually to swing widely as the season comes to a close there will be ups and downs for all involved.

West Ham’s European journey could help us out.

They are still on the coat tails of us and that lot up the road. Having drawn last night and with the second leg next week, surely they will test and rotate for their weekend game? They do not test have the squad depth to do that with success.

We should all be backing West Ham to get through.

The semi-final tie’s are the Thursday before and after when we are due to play them. If they are still in the competition surely they will be sacrificing Premier League position for a shot at their first ever European trophy?

If West Ham rest and rotate against us, what is a tricky away day could become a formality.

Top 4 is in our hands. Ultimately we need 72 points to finish 4th.

Ignore the negative talk from Sky and others after our defeat to Crystal Palace. It was literally our first away in 6 games.

One game does not dictate form. I would rather look at our 15 points from 18 away games to fully understand where we are.

Back the team tomorrow. Let’s get another 3 point win the big. And have a good drink up after.

Up The Arsenal.



2 thoughts on “What is rarer than a Tottenham trophy win?

  1. Johnno

    West Ham have won a European trophy, they won the Cup Winners Cup in 65. Also, I think the Kangas kick off at 5.30 on Saturday so its a good chance for us to apply a bit of pressure before they play. I reckon Villa could get a result against them so we`ve got to find a way to win our game. I don`t think it`ll be a routine win for us either, think we could be in for a nervy 90 minutes. If we lose anymore ground this week then we can kiss goodbye to top 4 because our next 4 fixtures will see us drop a good few points. Got to stay in touch until after the game at West Ham and then take it from there.
    Up The Arse.



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