Why Saturday 3pm is so important

It feels odd writing a quick blog before heading out to a Saturday 3pm game.

Today’s game against Brighton is our 3rd home one of the season.

Those that do not go games often wonder why we bang on so much about Saturday 3pm kick offs.

We love Saturday 3pm’s because they are great for our football / life balance.

3pm means we are not having to get up early doors to head to a lunchtime kick off. Head still fuzzy from the Friday post-office drinks.

It means we can get up in a leisurely manner, do a few chores, have a full English before heading out around lunch time. Usually for a 1pm meet in a pub.

2 or 3 pints before the game is enough to keep the cold off, but not too much that you do not remember the game.

Post game, 3pm kick offs what it is all about too.

Head straight to the pub after the game, 4 or 5 pints takes you to around 7pm. Home by 8pm which is still early enough to take the misses out for diner (or in my case order a takeaway).

A 5:30pm kick off means that you either have to sacrifice those post match beers or, more likely, you still have that 4 or 5 pints, stroll in at 10.30pm and get sent to the spare room!

With the game on Saturday it also leaves you for family time on Sunday. Bit of gardening and a Sunday roast. It keeps everyone happy.

When we play on a Sunday you lose that family time, and then wake up on Monday morning for work still fuzzy.

Saturday 3pm is just perfect.

You can have a good pre and post game drink up and still go out for dinner after the game.

Those who sit at home watching the game on a dodgy laptop stream will never understand the importance of a 3pm Saturday kick off.

I am off to the café. Have a great game.


1 thought on “Why Saturday 3pm is so important

  1. Ausgooner

    Spare a thought for the Aussies that watch every game live.
    There is more than you would think.
    Midday Saturday kick off is 9:00pm in QLD, tonight’s game is a not too bad midnight kick off {still able to get some kip before getting up later Sunday morn}
    Sunday games are the killers, not only are you wiped out at work Monday but if you fall asleep too early Monday evening you feel like crap after sleeping too long on Tuesday as well.
    Still haven’t missed a game and not about to change.
    Enjoy the game.



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